Three things we learned: Jan. 23

It wasn’t filled with overtime and shootouts like the prior weekend, but it was another close weekend in the WCHA as the standings started to tighten up a bit.

Here is what we learned this weekend:

1. Defense first. On Saturday the five teams combined for a pair of shutout and only allowed three combined goals.
2. Michigan Tech is likely going to finish second in the WCHA regular season standings. We really needed Minnesota State to pull off a sweep to make the rest of the season more interesting for the top of the class. But the Huskies picked up four of the six points and it looks like no one is going to catch them for second.
3. Northern Michigan could still be in the playoff hunt. The Wildcats swept Alaska Anchorage and are four points out of eighth place, but this sweep could be the start of a push up the standings.


  1. Great battle brewing for those last two spots in the PWR. AQs are going to steal at least two spots, possibly 3 should someone other than Michigan (Minnesota or Penn St) win the BIG tourney. UMLowell in particular, UNO, and Harvard (among others) really have to win some games… Very little room for error.

  2. Ah, I do believe the author has forgotten that Tech has two games in hand with Bemidji. Therefore, should they earn a sweep, they will be THREE points behind Bemidji. So, all this stuff of being assured of second is true, but the race for first is NOT over. Not by a long a shot. A look at the schedules indicates Tech definitely can catch and pass Bemidji. In fact, should Tech stumble badly, which I doubt, they too can be caught.


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