Weekend picks: Feb. 3

I padded my lead on Nicole in a good week, going 26-5-2 (.818) while Nicole went 20-11-2 (.636). On the year, I am 295-99-50 (.720), while Nicole is 259-135-50 (.636).

Friday, Feb. 3

Rensselaer at Colgate
Candace: Colgate seems to be back on track, and the Raiders are at home. Colgate 3-1
Nicole: I think RPI gives them a tough game, but Colgate escapes. Colgate 2-1

Union at No. 7 Cornell
Candace: Union will make this difficult, but I like the Big Red to get the win they need. Cornell 3-1
Nicole: Even with their low-scoring offense, this should be a win for Cornell. Cornell 3-0

No. 3 Clarkson at Dartmouth
Candace: Dartmouth just doesn’t have the depth to hang with the Golden Knights. Clarkson 4-1
Nicole: I don’t think Dartmouth slows down the Golden Knights. Clarkson 4-1

No. 5 St. Lawrence at Harvard
Candace: Harvard’s woeful year will continue. St. Lawrence 3-1
Nicole: It’s been a rough year in Cambridge and I don’t think it gets any better here. St. Lawrence 3-0

Yale at No. 9 Princeton
Candace: Yale is a tough out, but I see the Tigers getting the key win. Princeton 3-2
Nicole: The Tigers need every win and that should carry them here. Princeton 3-1

Brown at No. 10 Quinnipiac
Candace: This is another where Brown just doesn’t have the depth. Quinnipiac 2-1
Nicole: Bobcats win this. Quinnipiac 3-0

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 3-4

Maine at Merrimack
Candace: Maine is on the road, which means they generally lose. Well, the Black Bears always lose on the road but it has to change at some point. Merrimack 3-1, Maine 2-1
Nicole: Maine finds a way to win against teams above them and this could be a fun series to watch. I’ll call a split. Merrimack at home in game one, Maine wins game two. Merrimack 3-1, Maine 2-0

New Hampshire at Vermont
Candace: Vermont seemingly wasn’t as good as I thought. I think this is a split. Vermont 3-2, New Hampshire 3-2
Nicole: New Hampshire has a better record, but I like the Catamounts at home here in a close one. Vermont 3-2, 3-1

No. 1 Wisconsin at Bemidji State
Candace: I’m not betting against the Badgers the rest of the year. Wisconsin 4-1, 4-1
Nicole: I don’t see the Beavers slowing Wisconsin. Badgers sweep. Wisconsin 4-0, 5-1

No. 4 Minnesota at Minnesota State
Candace: The Gophers get a key sweep, and they need it. Minnesota 4-1, 4-0
Nicole: Even with their struggles, the Gophers should sweep this series with no problem. Minnesota 4-0, 4-1

St. Cloud State at Ohio State
Candace: This could easily be a split, but I’ll pick the Buckeyes and Kassidy Suave. Ohio State 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: These two split earlier in the season and I expect the same thing again this time around. I’ll pick Ohio State in game one, St. Cloud State in game two. Ohio State 3-0, St. Cloud State 4-2

North Dakota at No. 2 Minnesota Duluth
Candace: I think the Bulldogs are a different team since sweeping Minnesota. They’ll take two close games. Minnesota Duluth 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: NoDak earned a tie and a shootout win the last time these two met, so I feel like it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see them steal a win here. Calling a split with UMD winning game one and UND winning game two. Minnesota Duluth 3-1, North Dakota 4-3

Saturday, Feb. 4

Union at Colgate
Candace: Colgate beats teams it should. They should beat Union. Colgate 2-0
Nicole: The Raiders have gotten back on track lately and I expect that to continue here. Colgate 3-0

Rensselaer at No. 7 Cornell
Candace: Another where the Engineers will make it close but fall short. Cornell 3-2
Nicole: I like the Big Red to take this one. Cornell 3-1

No. 5 St. Lawrence at Dartmouth
Candace: Unless it’s Clarkson, I’m not picking against St. Lawrence. St. Lawrence 3-1
Nicole: The Saints continue their winning ways. St. Lawrence 4-0

No. 3 Clarkson at Harvard
Candace: By the end of this weekend, the Crimson will be begging for the season to end. Clarskon 4-1
Nicole: The Golden Knights have too much firepower for Harvard. Clarkson 5-1

Brown at No. 9 Princeton
Candace: Princeton should firm up home ice after this weekend. Princeton 3-1
Nicole: The Tigers shouldn’t have much difficulty with Brown here. Princeton 4-1

Yale at No. 10 Quinnipiac
Candace: Yale is just the type of team to trouble Quinnipiac. An upset is possible, but I’ll stick with the home team. Quinnipiac 2-1
Nicole: I’m tempted to pick an upset here, but I’ll stay with the Bobcats at home. Quinnipiac 2-0

Connecticut at No. 6 Boston College
Candace: Unless the Eagles are looking ahead to Tuesday, they should win. Boston College 3-1
Nicole: BC has been on a roll and had no problems with Connecticut earlier in the season. Boston College 4-1

Providence at Northeastern
Candace: Just like BC above, but Northeastern is more vulnerable. Still, I’ll pick home ice. Northeastern 3-2
Nicole: This is an intriguing one and I’m leaning toward Providence pulling an upset. Northeastern 3-2

Sunday, Feb. 5

Connecticut at Providence
Candace: Home ice is what this one is all about. Providence 3-2
Nicole: Providence is still in the hunt and they need these wins. At home, I don’t see them losing. Providence 3-1

Tuesday, Feb. 7


Boston University vs. Harvard
Candace: BU lost a heartbreaker to BC last week, but get the consolation win here. Boston University 3-1
Nicole: Should be a win for the Terriers. Boston University 4-1

Boston College at Northeastern
Candace: Northeastern is another team that can trouble the Eagles, but I think the Huskies fall short. Boston College 3-2
Nicole: I don’t see the Huskies slowing Boston College. Eagles win the Beanpot. Boston College 3-1


  1. I started sitting in the stands at Ferris hockey games in 1975, and today I’m crushed.  I don’t know what to say.  I can’t take this. 

    • It was upsetting. They need to get out of their own heads and start playing hockey again.

      All the best to BG, they are playing the best hockey of the season right now and best of luck to them. I can’t wait for the headlines when they beat UofM again. When FSU swept them earlier, all that was said was “Ferris is still overrated, you beat the worst team ever” and nothing was said about BG beating UofM. UofM actually went up in Pairwise after that and went of in SOS. Weird.

      Let the flaming begin!

  2. Miami must be rebounding so hard they have managed to take the #2 seed from Western! Not that it counts for much at a neutral site, but Western is in fact the “home” team for that semifinal match, having tied Michigan for points in the regular season.

    Honestly I was cheering for Ferris because I’d rather the Broncos played Michigan than Miami, who have been our thorn this year. I also think it says a LOT about the season as a whole that the four remaining teams seem to be carrying momentum inversely proportional (as if such a thing can be quantified) to their seed in the semifinals. Should be interesting, that’s for sure.

    • I know, I love it! That said, Miami will have to find a way to match Western’s intensity. With the recent record (1-10-2 or something), this year’s sweep and last year’s title game victory, the Broncos will be incredibly motivated.

      • The Broncos played, in my opinion, their best game of the season Saturday night against Lake St. in a game that they knew they had to take. I’m hoping that they can bring that momementum to Detroit and couple it with the motivation, as you mentioned, of having been beaten down by Miami in recent years.  It should be a better game than either of the ones down in Oxford earlier this season.

    • I was doing the same, not that I would’ve like our chances against Michigan at this point, but Miami has our number.  The two teams that I’ll really be cheering for this weekend are Union and Cornell, we could probably survive a loss to Miami (thanks to Maine beating Merrimack last night), but if either Harvard or Colgate take the ECAC we could be in trouble.

  3. Ferris, I feel your pain. The Memory of 1985 remains with Spartans everywhere.
    On MSU this year, I was looking at stats from this to last year, Rick Comley’s last.
    Scoring was up by 12. Goals against was down by 7. And the record was worse although the finish in the league was higher. 19-15-4 in 2012. 19-13-6 in 2011.
    I still am wondering about the coaching change.

    • PLEASE, Don’t wonder about the coaching change. Let Anastos do his job. The team has already started looking better than they did with Comley. Let Anastos get some recruits in and continue progressing. Not to mention the complete increase in team moral with Anastos vs. Comley. Good things are coming to EL!

  4. An amazing run by BG, congrats to that squad.  I can only hope the coming week cools them off a bit. 

    Also, pretty sure Western is the 2 seed after reseeding, and Miami 3. 

  5. Bowling Green’s team is lead by 17 freshman and sophs.  Yet can’t even get 1 single player as a Honorable Mention on all roookie teams?!  The past two weeks will go a long way towards bringing the program back to prominence.  Great coach in Bergeron.  Good luck Falcons!

  6. Wow, after a dominating sweep still no mention of WMU and add in the fact that you demoted them to the 3 seed although they are in fact the 2 seed at the Joe.

    • agreed!  3rd?!?  and what about mention of Western?  They’ve got a pretty good goaltender between the pipes as well don’t they?
      (and maybe I read this too quickly, but what does Flint have to do with anything here?)
      luv ya Paula ;-)

    • You just go right on thinking that way.  We’ll see who’s crying Friday night about 10:30.   Maize is nothing but arrogant yellow.

  7. Wait wait… I’m confused. So Paula actually went to a game that wasn’t at MSU and Michigan?

    Did she just listen to this game on radio?

  8. We need a new word for “consistency” because it doesn’t quite describe just how incredible appearing in the conference tournament semifinals for 24 consecutive years really is.  Thanks Red for another great season.

  9. Great job BG. This is an incredible run no matter what happens this weekend. These come from behind victories are becoming a staple for BG. Michigan was a team we beat three weekends ago as well. Bottom line, 3 MAC schools and one Big Ten school in the finals of the CCHA.

    • As long as a big ten school doesn’t take the hardware home, I think BG performed amazing in the post season, and it will get better next season, but I hope we can see one or two kore wins from them

  10. Paula, do you enjoy getting lambasted?  You must with your dumbfouding mistakes and topics.  There were 4 series this weekend, and you can’t find a paragraph for each of them?

  11. Wow BGSU indeed beat the #2 team in the nation. I see them taking it to UM in another come from behind 5-4 game to face a tough Miami team.

    I see the headlines: BG wins the Mason Cup. 

    They beat Miami in double OT 2-1

    Go Falcons!!!!

    • Let’s hope it’s WMU and BGSU in the CCHA final.  WMU is currently in the lowest possible PairWise position to make it to the NCAA playoffs.  One more WMU win will assure them a place in the national playoffs.

      • We’re basically in the same exact situation now that we were in at this time last year and that fantastic win over a tough Michigan team sealed it for us. Hopefully this time around is much the same.

  12. If it wasn’t obvious before, it should be now. Hunwick is the best goaltender is the CCHA by a mile and it’s a joke that Taylor Nelson got 1st team honors. Hunwick allowed just 2 goals in 7.5 periods on the weekend while Nelson was allowing 4 in a game against Bowling Green

    • Hunwick is the best goalie in the CCHA by far? You must be stuck in your own little world. You say Hunwick gave up two goals in his last 7.5 periods. That is all well and good, but Connor Knapp has given up four goals in his last seven games. Yes, that is correct, SEVEN GAMES. Now to wrinkle your brain a little more of those 4 goals none of them were even strength. Two were 5×4 and two were 5×3. Just to add to the fun Knapp has a better save % (.943) and GAA (1.432). One final statistic, Hunwick has recorded 5 shutouts in his 31 GP. Knapp has the same amount of shutouts in 22 GP. Perhaps this information drop will make you think a little statement of “Hunwick is the best goaltender in the CCHA by a mile.”

    • Lest you forget, Hunwick gave up 4 goals to that same Bowling Green team just 2 short weeks ago.  But I guess that was somehow different….

      • I’ll give you that. Hunwick had a bad game at BGSU but followed it up the next night with a shutout. Nelson allowed 3, 4, and 4 goals in 3 straight games to BGSU at home. Soooo it is different

  13. When WMU played Miami we were missing our leading scorer Balisy.I have seen many games and if WMU plays with the intentsity it did Sat night Miami could be in for all they can handle 

    • Actually that is incorrect. When WMU played Miami earlier this season they were without 2 of their top 3 scores. Balisey played, Walters and Berschbach did not. Walters was out after a much debated illegal hit in the Notre Dame series where he sustained head and shoulder injuries during a play in which the Irish were clearly head hunting.

      Anyway I agree with a lot of other comments from Bronco fans here. Outside of the first 5 minutes of game 1, WMU completely dominated both games. Friday’s game wasn’t as close as the score indicated with LSSU picking up a late goal to give them hope, and Saturday’s game could have very easily have been 6-2 or 7-2. Yet the only mention of the series is a backhanded comment insinuating that LSSU gave the games away. I wish WMU would be playing U of M on Friday, because I think Miami is clearly the superior team out of the two. However the chance to avenge last season’s loss in the championship game should provide the Broncos some additional motivation.

  14. Paula-
    I was at the FSU game last night, and it wasn’t so much Bowling Green dominating from the 2nd period on, as much as Ferris State trying to protect a 3-0 lead. They sat back and allowed Bowling Green to attack them. They became passive, instead of staying aggressive, like in the 1st period. I completely blame Coach Daniels for taking this approach to the game. They did not play like the #1 seed in the tournament. If they play like this in the NCAA tournament, they will exit after the first game. 

    • FSU sat back?  Really?  It looked to me like BG step it up a couple of notches and put FSU back on their heals.  All that you had to do was look at the benches and you could tell which team was was going to win even when FSU was still up by 2 goals.

      • Ferris State did not play the same after the 1st period. They went into defensive mode, which is what Coach Daniels likes to do. That’s great if you are up 3-0 late in a game, but not after one period. Ferris State’s play after the 1st period was tentative. They didn’t battle hard for the puck. They didn’t forecheck well. They didn’t stand guys up at the blueline, etc. Bottomline- they didn’t compete hard!  That’s why they lost. 

    • So your saying FSU’s coaching decisions are bad…why were they number 2 in the nation. I was at that game too, and it looked like BG dominated, BG didn’t panic and got back in the game. And I guess in overtime they were also being passive…it wasn’t a long overtime, but Ferris only got one shot off. This doesn’t look like a number one seed team to me, BG just outplayed them after the first period.

  15. As a Michigan fan, I was really torn about who I wanted to win the BG-Ferris series. 

    Western Michigan is a solid team who loves beating Michigan (as we saw at the Joe last season). But BG is playing out of their minds right now. 

    When we lost at BG on Friday a couple weeks ago, I thought Michigan had just not taken the game seriously enough. Now I know that BGSU is just stepping up their game to an almost unbelievable level. 

    I keep telling myself that the falcons run has to come to an end eventually, and I hope Friday is that day. But BG is in position now to make it to the NCAAs and will be playing as hard as ever. When Michigan made the Joe a couple years ago with the tourney on the line there was no stopping them, and BGSU has a chance to do the same thing. Good for them.

    All I know is I want Michigan to hold on to their position as a 1-seed, and according to the pairwise predictor they can do that even if they get swept at the Joe (assuming a few other things go right in other tournaments). However, I do not want to slump into the NCAAs because that is the recipe for an early exit. 

    So let’s get it done Blue!

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself, and I am anything but a U of M fan.

      BGSU are playing amazing right now, it doesn’t matter what happened in the regular season. When is team is hot, they are hot. The only thing this does is make for a fun and exiting playoff, what more can hockey fans ask for?

      Best of luck and congrats to all teams at The Joe!

  16. Incredibly, I got my wish of an all-MAC plus U. of Michigan semi-final, that I posted in Paula’s article titled “Weekend work-up, March 5, 2012: The Irish, Lakers and … Falcons?” (I’d post the URL, but then this post would require moderator approval.)

    Here is what I hope for this weekend:

    * WMU beats Miami in the semi-final, 3-1.  It would be the first time this year WMU has beaten Miami.  Michigan State was the other CCHA team WMU didn’t beat this year.

    * BGSU beats U. of Michigan in the semi-final, 5-2.

    * Miami beats U. of Michigan in the consolation game, 4-3.

    * WMU beats BGSU for the CCHA play-off title, 2-1.  It would be WMU’s second CCHA playoff title, the first coming in 1986, 26 years ago.

    Of course, if BGSU wins the CCHA championship, they’ll get an automatic bid to the NCAA play-offs, meaning someone loses their at-large bid and about 5 CCHA teams make the national playoffs.  So, if WMU can’t win the CCHA championship, I hope it is Bowling Green.

    • I’d like to know what has given you a belief WMU, much less higher scoring teams, could put up 3 against Miami right now…that would be a ton against a veteran defensive squad that is playing at the top of their game. Stranger things have happened, of course…

      • You bring up a good point.  No opponent has scored more than 1 goal against Miami since a 3-0 loss in Ann Arbor on February 4.

        Here are the teams that have scored 3 or more on Miami since December 1:

        SAT DEC  3 at Northern Michigan, Miami lost 5-1

        FRI DEC  9 at Ohio State, Miami won 5-3

        SAT DEC 10 vs. Ohio State, Miami lost 3-2 (OT)

        SAT JAN 14 at LSSU, Miami lost 4-3

        FRI FEB  3 at U. Michigan, Miami lost 4-1

        SAT FEB  4 at U. Michigan, Miami lost 3-0

        • So, nobody has scored more than 1 goal on Miami since they were SWEPT and outscored 7-1 in Ann Arbor a littl over a month ago? 

          FRI FEB 3 at U. Michigan, Miami lost 4-1
          SAT FEB 4 at U. Michigan, Miami lost 3-0
          Impressive.  But I’d say that doesnt bode well for Miami in the final on Saturday. 

          Go Blue!

  17. It amazes me that the CCHA allows such poor representation for their conference! This article has been up all day and the glaring error of listing Miami as the 2 seed instead of WMU has not been corrected. Can’t wait to read worthwhile articles that speak to the entire conference when WMU joins the NCHC.

    • I don’t think the CCHA has any control over this.  USCHO is an independent media organization, that probably does not pay Paula very much (if anything) for her articles.

      If you want some quality, sort of insider writing about WMU hockey, check out Rick Shanley’s blog at BroncoHockeyHotStove dot com.  Rick’s dad, Barry Shanley, was the evening news anchor at Kalamazoo TV-3 until the mid-1990s.

      Bronco fans:  Text “Vote 10662” to 52627.

  18. Slubowski hot in net, Slater and O’Kane with some goals, finally, Dekeyser, Balisy need I say more..Miami will have their hands full. Especially if we stop Smith. This seems less a daunting task on paper than beating Michigan last year. Just look at GF and GA in the conference…heck take away MSU last week and the only big sweep Miami had was against UAH and the sinking ND and Ohio teams the weeks before that..they were sliding at the start of the new year. Not saying Miami won’t win..but for the Broncos last year was a confidence builder and a lot of them haven’t forgot the high of beating Michigan and the low of losing to Miami.

    • It’s amazing how everyone thinks stopping Smith is the key to winning the game. With Miami’s freshman playing the way they are and the veterans stepping up to make some huge plays you simply cannot focus on only Smith. Earlier in the year if you saw Miami won 6-0 like they did against MSU this past weekend you would of thought Smith had at least a hat trick. In all reality he didn’t score and only had two secondary assists. 6-0 win and no goals from Smith, that must be scary for upcoming opponents. Too much focus on Smith and it could be trouble.

      • I don’t share the same sentiment that Neil does. I would much rather have seen WMU play U of M on Friday. Miami is the more complete team, and had things gelled for them a little earlier in the season They would have easily won the CCHA regular season championship.

        That being said WMU is playing much better hockey in their last 2 series. The Bronco PK has killed off 12 consecutive penalties while the PP has had a 36% success rate in that span. The Broncos top 3 scorers had just 1 out of the 9 goals against LSSU giving them a well rounded effort. Slubowski has also had a .943 save percentage over the last 4 games, and 6 defensemen have been at their best at limiting scoring chances.
        I think it will be a great game, and 3 goals probably wins for either team.

  19. Paula, your failure as a writer shines through again. WMU is No. 2 seed, NOT No. 3…. And barely a mention of that series.

  20. As a ferris supporter full marks to Bowling Green. Hammond played outstanding in game one stopping everything and the kitchen sink, game 2 we played like the regular season champs,  but in game 3 once up 3-0 the worst thing that could have happened was the intermission. Not sure what Bergeron said to the BG players in the locker room but boy did they look like a whole new team in the 2nd and 3rd just all over the Bulldogs, and deserved to win. Ferris will make the NCAA’s for sure just stinks we have to go in this way. As for the Mason cup. BG has a good chance of upsetting Michigan, in fact i would not even call it an upset anymore. The Way the Falcons are playing there as good as any one Hammond is on his game. I’m taking Michigan in a close game, and Miami in a close game as well. Funny thing is i can see Western winning it this year, but have to go with my guy picks. The way the Broncos played the last 2 ferris games of the year was the best of any CCHA teams i have seen take on the Dawgs all year.

  21. Connor Knapp Lovers,Here are some cold hard fact’s with the goalie numbers for the season.
    Hunwick-37 games played(not 31 Brendan Sweeney)
    Save %-934
    Minutes played-2200(wow)

    Knapp-22 games played(that’s 15 less games played)
    Save %-943
    Minutes played-1257(1000 less minutes played)

    Both are very good goalies,I will stick with the Iron man.The goalie that can play 37 games a season and still put up those numbers.Also as you Miami U fans say,you have the best defense in the country so that should also help your goalies numbers a little bit.I wouldn’t go as far as saying the best goalie by a mile,but Hunwick sure is the best goalie in the CCHA this season.

    • You are twisting the stats in lieu of the fact that Miami has another good goalie in Cody Riechart.  Otherwise Conner Knapp would have similar stats as the UM goalie.

    • So basically you are saying playing more minutes makes you a better goalie? 

      And saying Knapp’s stats aren’t justified because he played MSU, OSU, and Notre Dame? REALLY? Michigan played all those teams as well so might as well discount everything Hunwick did playing against those teams. Yes, Michigan didn’t play UAH, but they did play 3 games against the almighty Atlantic Hockey conference.

      And if you want to bring up head to head against Miami, Reichard played 3 of the 4 games and Hunwick won the one true head to head with Knapp. Hunwick was 1-1-1 against Reichard. 

      Edit: My bad on Hunwick’s total games played (37 instead of 31), but really that only makes my point better because Knapp has the same amount of shutouts and 15*** less games played.

      • Oh and after quickly calculating Knapp’s and Hunwick’s GAA for the games against MSU, OSU, and ND here are the results…

        Knapp 0.873
        Hunwick 1.98

        If those are such weak opponents Hunwick should give up 0 goals against them.

        • Let me answer for him ;) because I can almost guess what Michigan fans will say.

          “It’s because when Michigan played OSU (the ones they lots 6-5 and 2-1) was because it was earlier in the season. The team was playing differently. I mean…Jon Merril wasn’t there. Plus Hunwick had two more regular season games against those opponents (2 series v OSU, 2 series v MSU, 1 series v ND) where Miami only had 1 series v MSU, 2 series v OSU, and 1 series v ND”Something along the lines of that explains everything. ;)

          I think that covers all the bases.

  22. The last 8 games Miami has played have been against,Alabama Huntsville(Really),Ohio State,Notre Dame and Michigan State.All those teams finished close to .500 or below.I wouldn’t be very impressed with that,Knapp’s numbers are great aginst these teams over the last month,but my 14 year old son’s bantam goalie would of been good facing that schedule.And the last time miami gave up 3 or more goals,well that came from the hands of you guessed it MICHIGAN.GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Now why do I highly doubt your 14 yo sons bantam goalie would have been good? You seem overconfident you’ll be there on Saturday (when Michigan was already beat by BG just three weeks ago), you also seem confident Miami will win. 

      Unlike you, as well as your other fans, we don’t take games lightly. So please, continue guaranteeing Michigan’s attendance at the CCHA championship game.

      • I will just like I have for the past 24 years of Michigan going to the CCHA semi finals and 22 straight NCAA tournament U of M fans love the haters.And why do they HATE?Because the history that U of M has.Correct?Yeah its hard for you to admit it.GO BLUE!

          • That history is all well and good, but I can assure you nobody around Miami and WMU is one bit envious. We will enjoy playing in a national power conference. You guys have fun playing in the Big… er I mean the Mediocre 6 in 2013-2014.

          • That mediocre 6 will still have 4 top notch nationally rated programs.Minnesota,Michigan State,Wisconsin and Michigan.And will continue making the NCAA field.And having State.Michigan,ohio,miami,notre dame and western leaving the ccha should really do wonders for that conference.

        • Lol kinda like you hate on Connor Knapp? Haters gonna hate, right back at you.

          When have I denied/hated any history? I along with other fans of teams just think your arrogance is a bit much. But I guess whatever helps you sleep at night. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, you’re about 5 miles on the other side of the confidence line.

    • There is an awful lot of garbage talking from U of M fans considering that last year at the Joe “little” WMU out numbered Wolverine fans more than 2 to 1 in the semi final game, and when a fight song war broke out in the Olympia Club prior to the game U of M fans couldn’t even get through their song. One would expect a more spirited showing from a hockey powerhouse. I guess it was typical U of M arrogance. Go ahead and continue to run with that. It works for everybody else.

      • But maybe…if you think about it REAL hard, you’ll realize that most people don’t hate Michigan because of their team’s success/history, it’s because of fans like you.

        • Its a beautiful thing,how you guys get worked up.Confident as confident comes!check out the Hobey watch on uscho.Connor Knapp appears 2 be missing.GO BLUE!

          • Not worked up at all. Just sitting back and relaxing watching you make an idiot of yourself. Good thing “hobey watches” aren’t the real thing. But isn’t it you who said “awards don’t matter”, now you’re bringing up awards? Ha. 

            Sometimes I wonder how you’re a parent.

          • OH yeah you get worked up you just can’t admit it.And your concern about me being a parent,I do a wonderful job with 2 successful children and another on her way.I can say the best thing I’ve done as a parent is keep my children away from anything ohio.Go Blue.Get a life ill see you next season.Gotta head 2 the Joe.again.Should be a great weekend.

  23. Someone needs to bring up the Coach Gwozdecky-Rico Blasi connection to success in college hockey today. BGSU from last to final 4 under Coach Bergeron who played for Gwozdecky and coached with Rico, Last season we had Western Michigan under Jeff Blashill who coached under Blasi, Rico played for Gwozdecky and coached under him for 4 years, 3 at Denver, one at Miami.
    And the man who started it all George Gwozdecky the only person to win a national Championship as a player, assistant coach and head coach, aside from turning Miami program from perennial disappointment to a national power. As a high school coach I had the honor to observe Coach Gowzdecky and have always felt he was one in a million, but as a coach he is unsurpassed in teaching and instilling a culture of respect that leads to success.

  24. Admitted WCHA and Gopher fan here, but is there not a way where one of the top three WCHA teams do not have to go through each other to get to the final four?

    I understand with 6 possible teams making the tourney it is going to be tough to avoid a possible WCHA match, but I feel like in every bracket the Gophers have been matched up with either SCSU or UND. Is there a reason St. Cloud can’t be switched with UNH?

    Seems like if two hockey east teams tied their their league championship and had to go through each other to get to the Final Four there would be an uproar. These are honest questions, please let me know what I am missing or if it is just blind homerism.

        • Switching Denver and Union would be better than having 6 WCHA teams squeezed into 3 regionals. Even moving DU to Providence, Wisconsin to Manchester and Union to Toledo would be more desirable.

          • Agreed. If he WCHA ends up with 6, they should have a team in each region, one way or another.

    • The NCAA hates the WCHA in men’s and women’s. UND women were screwed having to face Gophs in round 1 and WCHA women should have had at least 3 of the 8 if not 4 in the tournament. They screw the men every year so they can’t have a WCHA Frozen Four. St. Cloud, UMN, UND should be in three different regions, not fighting for one or 2 spots.

    • Hockey East teams routinely play each other in the tournament at regional finals. Cities like Manchester, Providence and Worcester routinely have a bracket with two Hockey East teams. My Terriers have faced UNH, BC and Maine several times with the right to a Frozen Four on the line. I would prefer this to shipping someone out west, like to St Louis.

      Nothing better than a few thousand students from each school watching a regional final a short drive from campus.

    • And st cloud cannot be matched with UND nor Minn St, so they could only be swapped with Yale. That would make better bracket integrity, a bit, but for the dreaded attendance factor it would not happen.

    • College hockey is in a different position than college football. College hockey has the chance to become a big time revenue sport at participating schools.

      Look at the attendence for this year: http://www.uscho.com/stats/attendance/division-i-men/2012-2013

      The disparity is HUGE. 10 years ago Quinny was getting 500 – 1000 fans per game. Compare that the WCHA/HE/CCHA teams that get 4000+ consistently for years. (some teams over 10K!)

      Stepping back from team/conference allegances, do we want a sport that can grow and surpass Canadian Juniors as the primary spot for top hockey talent en route to the NHL? If so, we’ll need a lot more than 6 or 7 power house teams. Quinny has gone from 500 fans to 3000+ in a decade because (I believe) of the way NCAA has set this tournament up.
      They believe they have a chance. They can show recruits they have a chance. Are they as good (consistently) as MN/BC/MI? No way. But if their fans believe they are, it helps the entire sport.

      • No. Fans are coming because they’re winning. They’re winning because they have 24 and 25 year-old seniors. Q has been pretty good in the conference, but how many tournaments have they made? This year makes twice….

    • One argument is bracket integrity-based, but that really doesn’t hold much water given how they give tremendous consideration to attendance. Another argument is based on numbers of teams in the field from each conference – again, it doesn’t hold much water, as I have seen a fair amount of clustering in years past (with three WCHA teams in one regional at one point).

      At the end of the day, my belief is the committee is determined to prevent another disaster like 2005 from happening again. While an all-wcha final four is great for chest thumping of western fans, it’s terrible for the sport and kills interest from most parts of the country. So you will continue to see curious regional assignments with rather…interesting justifications.

      • How can having the four best teams in the Frozen Four ever be “terrible for the sport”? Having the best teams eliminate themselves in the Regionals is “terrible for the sport”.

      • Most parts of the country? It’s only east and midwest. I’d love to see the TV ratings. Probably invisible. But hockey fans don’t or shouldn’t care. I understand it. We’re a loyal, rabid minority. I’m a H.E. guy but I thought ’05 was cool. Not trying to be sarcastic, but when did 3 teams from WCHA end up in one regional?

    • Yes you are a blind homo BC has gone thru HE matchups every year on way to their hat-trick of Titles the last 5 years .This is always the time of year as you said the Gopher homos come whining about avoiding Division matcups .Personally I would like to see Lowell or BC go West and put an old fashion East Coast beat down on the W eak College H ockey A ssoc.

  25. I had heard somewhere that Wisconsin was basically out of the NCAAs unless they win the Final Five due to the loss to Penn State. Any truth to that?

      • No it wouldn’t. They get in 5.3% of the time with a win today and a loss tomorrow. For all intents and purposes, they need to win the tournament to make it.

          • Not necessarily true. If Brown, BU, and CC win their conference titles, Bucky stays home and watches the tournament on TV.

          • If BU OR Providence wins Hockey East, along with Brown and CC winning ECAC and WCHA respectively. BU/Providence final is something Wisconsin does not want to see.

        • As of today before any games start, Wisconsin sits alone at 16th in the Pairwise. A loss for Wisconsin put them back into the T16th with Providence, BU, RPI and Alaska. BU and Providence also play games today, both against very high TUC based on comparisons. RPI and Alaska are out and also have the lowest RPI of the tied teams.

          If you use the Pairwise Predictor and only put a Wisconsin loss, Wisconsin has an RPI of .5244, Providence .5232 and BU .5128.

          All of these teams are fighting for the 16th seed, so no AQ can come from outside the top 16.

          The three games, Wisconsin/St. Cloud, Providence/Lowell and BU/BC will do a lot to determine who MIGHT be the sixteenth seed. Or they all could be pushed out by Brown winning ECAC.

  26. Simple – UNH is the host team in Manchester, New Hampshire. And in this scenario if they win, UNH has to play their HE partner, Boston College.

  27. JASON, one quick question. If teams are tied in PWR does RPI become the tiebreaker. An example is that if Wisconsin beats St. Cloud this afternoon, they will be tied with DU for 12th but DU would have higher RPI.

    • Yes, RPI is the tiebreaker rather than head-to-head when that criterion would be applicable, as it would in this case. Makes no sense.

  28. I believe Jayson has done what I expect the pointy-heads at the NCAA to do. Manchester has been declared a ‘WCHA-free” zone and will insure against a WCHA sweep of the Final Four bracket. If 6 teams qualify, shouldn’t they be spread around with at least one in each regional?

  29. St. Cloud moves up four spots despite not playing? I could see one or two because teams above them from their own conference lost, but with no other games around the country, that doesn’t make much sense. CC doesn’t move much at all for beating North Dakota, but North Dakota drops five spots for losing to CC. Where’s the balance??

    • It’s a computer program that depends heavily on common opponents. One seemingly irrellivant game can have huge implications. Look at the Pairwise grid and you can see details. For example, Quinny was 2-0 against common opponents of MN, who were 1-1. IIRC that was Nebraska-Omaha. Who would have thought that one loss would have such a large effect?

      • Who would have thought that one loss would have such a large effect?

        I just tried flipping the Minnesota loss to UNO to a win using the CHN pairwise website and it doesn’t make a difference. Quinnipiac would still be 1 and Minnesota would still be 2. Quinnipiac wins the comparison 2-0 on RPI and TUC.

    • Follow the various criteria. CC doesn’t move much because their RPI is fairly crappy as is their record vs TUCs. A single TUC win isn’t making a difference for them. The further up the rating scale you go, the more impact the losses can have – particularly if various comparisons are hinging on tight RPI’s/TUC record spreads.

  30. All other things being equal (chalk), if BU wins against BC and Wisconsin loses, BU gets the 16th seed. That would mean four Hockey East teams in the two eastern brackets, with possible UNH/BC and Lowell/BU finals. Where can I sign up for that? The DVR will be buzzing.

    BU/Wisconsin are interchangeable based on the next game for each. A Wisconsin loss in the WCHA semifinals pushes them back to the T16 crowd with everyone else. (At least the predictor says so)

  31. Why would Denver & Union not be flipped? Denver’s not going to bring any attendance to Toledo & I can’t imagine Union is going to make Manchester that much more attended with BC, UNH & Yale there. Would maintain a little more bracket integrity as well.

    • Union is much closer to Manchester than it is Toledo. This is attendance for Union, taking the 4 hour drive.

      It is true that the building will do fine for tickets if BC, UNH and Yale are there, so it is not that.

    • The depends on Brown not winning ECAC, CC not winning WCHA and whether BU beats BC tonight, among other things, plus Wisconsin’s outcome.

      • I understand and have never complained about who is in the brackets. I say play anyone and win. At this point in the season you should not worry about who you need to face, just win and get in. As for some fans complaining, I do not understand why you would be afraid of ND, they have 3 good players and no real good chance of going deep this year.

    • 1 AND DONE FOR 3 OF THEM THE OTHER 3 WILL FADE AWAY LIKE THEY HAVE THE PAST 5 YEARS Personally I would like to see Lowell or BC go West and put an old fashion East Coast beat down on the W eak College H ockey A ssoc.TEAMS

  32. I can get 7 teams from the WCHA in now. If CC and UW both win, and CC wins WCHA and Union does not win at all this weekend And everything else goes according to chalk 7 from WCHA in. i want to see how that would make brackets.

  33. We have arrived at the time of year when Gopher fans whine about playing a division foe especially the Sioux .
    WCHA = Weak College Hockey Assoc.

  34. Niagra know they are in no matter what. They are going to tank and make sure the AHA gets two teams, meaning all the talk of who the 16 seed ends up being is irrelevant. Pairwise makes no sense to me. Wisconsin is 19-5-5 in their last 29 games and anyone who watched yesterday knows they are more deserving than MN State. But they will not make it. Can’t we have a committee who actually watches games and try to get the 16 best teams in?

    • Unfortunately Wisconsin had a terrible start to the season and played a very weak non-conference schedule: 2 against Northern Michigan, 2 against Alabama-Hunstville, 2 against Penn State. Miami was their only good non-conference opponent.

  35. JASON!!!!! The WCHA fans need their diapers changed, again! Hurry!!!……….You people are insufferable………By the way, if we went 1-16, 2-15 etc. all the way through, the only intra-conference matchup would be Miami-WMU. Would that be so bad?

  36. watch out bubble teams, the upsets are starting to come… Brown beating Qu 4-0, UW & CC still Alive, Providence with an early lead…

  37. Jayson had a new Bracketology blog up for about 15 minutes with Western playing MN. Western likely out with CC’s upset. I gottcha Jayson…haha

  38. Still very early, but an 0-3 or 0-4 hole,with some lopsided results, can really set the tone for a season and look bad. Hopefully Maine and Northeastern can turn things around a little bit.

  39. For the record, UNH’s loss to Union was on the road, not home. It was also a much more competitive game than most people, including me, were thinking it would be.

    • I wasn’t able to see much of anything on that game, I just figured they just played well enough to not get run out of the building. Union is a good team. There were some encouraging results this past weekend, though I think this team will be prone to a feast or famine type of offense this year.

      • I agree 100% on the goal scoring, but I do like the fact that so far (though only 3 games), the defense and goaltending seems to be doing well. Anytime you can play 7 or so freshman (including 3 d’men and the goalie) and be competitive at Union and Michigan, even get an impressive win, it shows there is definitely some talent there.

    • What’s going on with your goalie? Is DeSmith suspended? Can’t fault the tough start given that (I think) he hasn’t played.

      • Yes, I do remember Lowell had a rough start last year. DeSmith is suspended indefinitely, my guess is he will not play for UNH again. Clark has only given up 6 goals in the 3 games though. Lot’s of Freshman and playing at Union and 2 at Michigan, I am not unhappy by a 1-2 start, I would have guessed 0-3 with the inexperience. They have played 3 good hockey games, so nothing to be too worried about yet.

  40. Hey David, how about ‘UML may be the deepest team in the conference’? 9 different goal scorers in the first 3 games while averaging almost 5g/gm.

    • Lowell has been very impressive this year, but I can’t mention every team in a Monday morning “three things” segment.

    • I don’t know about deepest, but defiantly off too a better start than I had expected. Can’t wait until one of the other goalies step in to the starting role.


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