Ryder Cup hockey jersey raffle to benefit Hockey Coaches Care

Starting Feb. 20, members of the greater amateur hockey community will come together to raise funds for Hockey Coaches Care by raffling off a 2016 Ryder Cup hockey jersey.

This raffle will be a unique opportunity to highlight the many people HCC assists while raising funds to support HCC’s important mission.

The Ryder Cup jersey raffle builds on the focus of HCC, an organization that aids hockey coaches and athletes (retired and active), their family members, and other dedicated individuals of the amateur hockey community that have fallen on a particular hardship.

Hockey Coaches Care has provided monetary support for the rehabilitation of critically-injured student-athletes, as well as donations to families facing large medical bills due to serious illness.

Mary Gosek, wife of Oswego coach Edward Gosek, is just one example of the individuals that HCC has touched.

Here’s Mary’s story:

“Almost 5 years ago, during what was supposed to be a standard hysterectomy, I found myself diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. Besides the 8-week healing process from a debulking procedure, we were faced with many, many bills, and one large bill that insurance companies were consistently rejecting.

“The most important of these bills would allow doctors to test my tumor and determine which course of treatment would be the most effective for my particular stage and type of cancer. A cancer with so many options for treatment and an average survival rate of 3 years did not give us much time to decide on the best path.

“With two children in college at the time, we decided to apply for a grant through HCC to see if they could help us cover this test. Hockey Coaches Care paid for the entire test! This is not just a testament to the caring individuals at Hockey Coaches Care, but also proves that Hockey is a family. A family that I am proud to be a part of. I am now reaching my 5-year milestone, and I am so thankful to all the hockey community for their support, care, prayers and love!

“Possibilities start with Hockey Coaches Care.”

Beginning now and continuing through April 7 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, all supporters can visit www.gvgb.co/RyderJerseyRaffle to make tax-deductible donations to Hockey Coaches Care. All donations made will go directly to community members in need.