Boston University the coaches’ pick to finish atop Hockey East during 2017-18 campaign

Hockey East announced the results of the preseason coaches’ poll on Tuesday.

SchoolPoints (First-place votes)
1. Boston University90 (2)
2. UMass Lowell88 (5)
3. Providence83 (2)
4. Boston College75 (1)
5. Northeastern72 (1)
6. Vermont54
7. Connecticut39
8. New Hampshire37
9. Merrimack29
10. (tie) Maine19
10. (tie) UMass19


  1. If Maine does finish in the hole [last place]…then the whole Maine Coaching Staff should be fired the day after the season ends.

    • .
      usually when you get a new coach, the team gets excited, it produces positive results now matter the coaching or the talent…

      under red, maine has produced almost nothing.

      four seasons… only the first, a winning one. and that was by one game; 16-15-4.

      he came in highly regarded…

      well, maybe he should go out highly disregarded – but what the hell do i know…


    • This must be a record. Bailing on your team before the first exhibition game. For Pete’s sake, this is only a coaches poll. Have you ever known them to be wrong? You might want to wait until the real results play out. To quote DTP, what the hell do I know?

      • .

        but i think the record speaks for itself… as in not a good one for the last four years.

        and i personally think its the opposite; its not bailing on your team, but bailing your team out – find others to take the helm.

        the coaching team has shown nothing. zero.

        • For the coaching team to “show anything”, they must have good players. I read your post below and take the “four seasons” at your word. If that is the case, this season will be the second recruiting class for this staff. Considering that, don’t you think you should at least wait until we get deeper into the season to start “bailing your team out”?

      • Please look, read, think….I said >>> “IF”….never do I bail on this team, never….but his time is here to produce and he has not to date…even during his 1st season, the first 18-20 games the team played hard then the last third of the season the team either quit or they were just as far as they were to go….talent wise speaking.

        • Do you really think firing the entire Maine coaching staff will help the Black Bears recruit better players? Any “coaching staff” can only improve with good solid players. You only have 5 Seniors on Maine’s roster, see how much they improve as the year progresses and the underclassmen get used to each other. Also, noticed there are no Maine hometown players. Are there high quality Maine high school players that are being recruited elsewhere? Just saying.


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