Weekend picks: Oct. 13

Well, my lead on Nicole evaporated last week. I went 15-4-4, while Nicole went 16-3-4. On the year, we are both 27-8-7.

We’ve got some interesting series, so since we’ve reset our picks race, let’s get to it.

Friday-Saturday, Oct. 13-14

Mercyhurst at Lindenwood
Candace: Lindenwood might make it hard, but I expect Mercyhurst to come away with a sweep, especially after the tie with St. Lawrence. Mercyhurst 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: The Lakers should sweep this series. Mercyhurst 3-1, 4-1

Minnesota at Bemidji State
Candace: Minnesota can’t keep losing, can they? Minnesota 3-2, 3-1
Nicole: I have no idea what to pick here after last week, so I’ll call a split. Minnesota 3-1, Bemidji State 2-1

Minnesota Duluth at Ohio State
Candace: I really like what I’m hearing and seeing from the Buckeyes, but I also thought Duluth outplayed BC for parts of each game, especially in the first period. Ohio State 3-2, Minnesota Duluth 3-2
Nicole: OSU is home and brimming with confidence but I think UMD can hold them off once. A split. Ohio State 4-2, Minnesota Duluth 3-2

St. Lawrence at Merrimack
Candace: I like the Saints to get a sweep here, though I expect to close, hard-fought games. St. Lawrence 3-2, 2-1
Nicole: I think we’re going to learn a lot about these two teams based on how this weekend plays out. For now, I’ll pick a split. Merrimack 2-0, St. Lawrence 2-1

Robert Morris at Maine
Candace: I don’t have a good handle on either team, but I think Robert Morris is deeper. Robert Morris 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: Another split. Maine 2-1, Robert Morris 1-0

Clarkson at Penn State
Candace: Penn State may make one game close, but the Golden Knights should sweep. Clarkson 3-2, 4-1
Nicole: I have to think Clarkson sweeps, but would be unsurprised if Penn State is able to sneak some points. Clarkson 3-1, 4-2

Vermont at Quinnipiac
Candace: I don’t know too much about the Catamounts, but the Bobcats haven’t impressed the last two weeks. Vermont 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: These could be some fun games. I’ll call a split. Quinnipiac 2-1, Vermont 3-2

Rensselaer at RIT
Candace: RIT looked decent against Holy Cross, but I’m going with RPI. Rensselaer 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: RIT sweeps at home. RIT 2-0, 1-0

Providence at Syracuse
Candace: This should be a split, but I’m really not sure of who wins which game. Providence 3-2, Syracuse 3-2
Nicole: I think Syracuse takes one of these at home. Providence 2-0, Syracuse 2-0

Union at Connecticut
Candace: I think Union will get a win soon, but I think Connecticut builds some confidence here. Connecticut 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: I’m pulling for Union to get a win here. Union 2-1, Connecticut 1-0


Holy Cross at New Hampshire
Candace: I want to pick my alma mater, but they just didn’t show me enough last week against RIT. New Hampshire 4-2
Nicole: This should be UNH’s game. New Hampshire 3-1

Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 14-15

Northeastern at Colgate
Candace: If I could watch one series this weekend, this would be it. Colgate 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: This should be a fun series to watch and give us a good gauge on both teams. I’ll call a split in some high-scoring games. Northeastern 5-3, Colgate 4-3

Tuesday, Oct. 17

Quinnipiac at Boston College
Candace: I like the Eagles in this one, especially their speedy and skilled forwards. Boston College 4-1
Nicole: Should be BC’s game. Boston College 4-2


  1. Why not shift North Dakota and Northeastern? Brings North Dakota to St. Paul, and shifts Northeastern further east in Cincinnati.

    • Northeastern should be in the Midwest and NoDak should be in the west matched up against Wisconsin – putting NoDak only proves that UND travels better because they don’t have to be in the closest regional to get fans to show up.

      • They don’t have to be in the closest regional because not many alumni could ever think of finding a job that pays good $ in the stink hole of a town the no names are based out of. So saying that the no name fans travel well is very misleading when so many never stay past graduation or even make it to graduation.

  2. Yes, Wisconsin has a 60 mile advantage to North Dakota, but in my scenario they both could end up in St. Paul. As to traveling well, you’d be hard pressed to find a fan base that travels better than North Dakota.

  3. Why does Hockey East continue to get 6 teams – that is such crap – other than BC and Mass-Lowell all the other hockey east teams pile up non-conference wins early in the season against the Alabama-Huntsville’s of college hockey and then beat the crappy teams in their own conference. I would give the edge to any of the top 6 teams in the NCHC over any of the other 4 from hockey east

    • Well, that’s how things shake out, given the current PairWise. If you look at the KRACH ratings, the top 16 teams also include 6 from HE (albeit that New Hampshire replaces Maine, there). If you look at the Inter-Conference stats, HE has the best Inter-Conference record and is >.500 against every other conference. They’re just having an overall great year.

      • yeah but who are your inter-conference wins coming against? Looks like most of them are from the ECAC and the WCHA the two worst conferences – what is your guys record against the NCHC and the Big Ten – probably pretty bad but that is how you have to improve your pairwise don’t play good teams because it isn’t worth taking a loss. I am not trying to knock HE because honestly I like most of the HE teams maybe not BC because they have ended UND’s seasons too often when I was in college.

        • Hockey East is 10-5-5 against the NCHC, and 12-7-2 against the Big 10.

          The ECAC, one of “the two worst conferences” in your book (major loss in credibility with that statement, have you paid a lick of attention to recent years?), is boasting 5 of the top 21 teams in the polls entering this week — and they were more competitive against hockey east.

          Your credibility continues to take a hit when you theorize that your pairwise standings improve by playing lousy teams. Your ceiling of comparisons won can only get so high if your schedule is weak. If your theory was true, then Mercyhurst, a 17 win team, should be much higher than 36th in the Pairwise. We all know that it’s sensible that they’re not… but there’s an example of a team loaded with wins against bad teams. There’s a reason they are where they are as far as the potential to get an at-large bid.

          Keep on digging and scraping at that barrel, you’ll eventually get to some single anecdote that will make you feel better and think that eastern hockey’s dominance this year is just based on loopholes, technicalities, scheduling tricks, how apparently everyone is just riding BC’s coattails…. rather than having a wealth of depth in terms of legit competitors.

          • Inter-conference records are skewed. AHA is obviously the weakest conference and the Big 10, HE, and ECAC all beat up on them. In comparison the NCHC played only 9 games against AHA, compared to 20+ for the eastern leagues and Big 10. The Big 10, for instance, has the second-best winning percentage of all the conferences, yet is only 2 games above .500 when taking out games played against AHA opponents. And I believe all but one of those Big 10-AHA games were played in a Big 10 home rink (Mich-RIT at Blue Cross Arena). So those interconference numbers are certainly skewed (not to forgive the NCHC, who didn’t shine in inter-conference games against the “big boys,” but they did play stronger non-conference competition as a whole, plus were more willing to go on the road).

          • OK. So again. Hockey East is 10-5-5 against the NCHC this year, and they have a collective winning % above .500 against each and every other conference this year, a total of .621%.

            For analogy sake: .621 team in baseball is a 100 game winner. You can focus on specific anecdotes like: “Well, some of their teams had games against UAH, we didn’t have as many” , but at the end of the day, Hockey East had a near equal sample size in terms of games played against the NCHC (20), the Big 10 (21) and AHA (25), and they succeeded against them all.

            You want to discredit them for who they played? That is not only a misrepresentation because you don’t put 6 teams in the hypothetical 16 without significant OOC competition… but you can only play who is in front of you. They have, and they’ve done well at it. Better than the rest collectively, this year.

          • I strongly believe hockey east is the best conference in the country after the breakup of the wcha . It will prove itself by sending a slew of teams to the tourney. I just warn against using inter conference records in determining whos the “best”. Home/road disparity and level of competition will never be equal across the board.

          • Also 5 of those Big Ten wins came against Penn State so basically Hockey East is 7-7-2 against Big Ten teams that have has a program for more than 2 years – record not looking as good.

          • I love when people do that. First up, It’s in the same realm as saying… “Well, if you took Boston College’s wins away from Hockey East, they’re not looking as good”

            Sorry, but if you’re talking about a whole, you take the good and the bad. We could cherry pick teams back and forth all day. I’m sure you’ll think it’s totally different because PSU is still a toddler, but it was almost five years ago now that they had $100 million dollars thrown their way for resources a lot of other hockey schools can only dream about. Back that up with a nationally recognized “brand” and the fact that the mid-Atlantic has been producing a ton of impressive college hockey players… and you have a concoction that doesn’t make you feel too badly if they don’t quite have themselves together yet.

            And at anything, the Big 10 SHOULD have a CLEAR advantage. They consolidated into a 6 team group that is DENSE in featuring some of the most successful programs of all time. This analogy isn’t perfect timing wise, because BU is having a rare rebuilding year… but if I made a new conference that featured BC, BU, UNH, and North Dakota… and I said: “Well, if you just ignore how the new guy/basement dweller did, we’re all the way up to .500….” That would NOT be very impressive given the squads I’m almost entirely made up by.

            The fact that you’re talking about an 11 team conference… And you have 8 teams in ranked in the top 25…. and one of them ISN’T Boston University…. and you talk about teams who (these days) are not perennial powers like Northeastern and Providence having the seasons they’re having…. state schools with limited financial resources like Vermont and Maine righting their ships at the same time…. These guys don’t have the brand recognition or the resources that those Big 10 schools and 8 of their 11 are playing at a level that could stand toe to toe with anyone else out there.

            When you factor everything together, and still want to cherry pick some things to try to discredit that fact that Hockey East has been the best conference going in 2013/2014… you’re just looking through biased goggles.

    • Look at history – In the last 20 years, Hockey East teams have won 8 national titles and were runner- up 12 years !!!! SOOO, EVERY YEAR FOR TWO DECADES, HE has been either Champions or # 2 !!!! Consistently GREAT teams !!!!

          • This doesn’t have anything to do with Atlantic Hockey. It has to do with you being a moron and saying HE has had a team in the championship for 20 years straight. Maybe you should Google it.

      • That is not correct. In the last 20 years (since 1993), there have been 4 years where a HE team was not the champion or runner-up:

        – 1996: Michigan (1st) vs. Colorado College (2nd)
        – 2005: Denver (1st) vs. North Dakota (2nd)
        – 2011: Minnesota Duluth (1st) vs. Michigan (2nd)
        – 2013: Yale (1st) vs. Quinnipiac (2nd)

        It’s true that HE has won 8 national titles and were runner-ups 12 times (only 11 times if you don’t count Notre Dame who just joined HE this year). Again, if you include Notre Dame, there were 3 years where both teams in the title game were from HE…1995 (BU vs. Maine), 1999 (Maine vs. NH), and 2008 (BC vs. Notre Dame).

          • Actually…no, it is not correct. You cant just add the two together and say they have had one team in the championship game for all those years. We have clearly pointed out at least 4 times that did not happen. Pay attention idiot.

          • Well, IDIOT: I merely stated the number of titles & runner ups !!! YOU set the parameters which YOU want to deny !!!….Did I use TOOOO BIG OF WORDS FOR YOU???…..GOOGLE IT !!!!

          • Here is your exact comment as copied from above:

            SOOO, EVERY YEAR FOR TWO DECADES, HE has been either Champions or # 2 !!!!

            This couldn’t be more false. Again, your “facts” are crap. But I am sure once again you will try and spin something on how you are not a moron……

      • Yeah thanks Boston College, Boston University, and Maine – hard to say a conference is consistently great when most of that greatness has come from 3 teams.

    • Really. I know you western fans still believe that the NCHC is a great conference. It isn’t now. I think it can be maybe next year or in the future. Hockey Easy is easily the best conference and will be even better when UConn joins next year and they go all in like they did in basketball and football. Wisconsin was the ‘hottest’ team last year and Lowell smoked them 6-1. I think HE will get at least 5 teams in. We all laughed at the ECAC and the final was Yale-Quinnipiac.

  4. I really think your going to see some big changes coming.
    1. Your going to see MN State win the WCHA tournament and Ferris will get an invite.
    2. Michigan is going to miss out, they have 3 or 4 more losses coming. There young goalies are starting to feel the pressure. (2) Big Ten teams will get invite.
    3. Would not surprise me if a lower rank team wins the NCHA tournament.

    • 1. Ferris state seems like they are more organized team starting with their goalie and their defense (with growing offense).
      2. Michigan has two strong goalies (which one that played in Minnesota missed out for 2 months for an injury). Try to play in Olympic size arena with cheap shots while your home ice is 96 width. Your credibility goes down hear. Minnesota (no. 1 at that time) got shut out 6-0 at Michigan years back. Ice matters buddy. Just look at Wisconsin and how they get beat down at smaller rink.
      3. Strength of schedule does matter. Michigan will get hand (with BC, BU, Lowell, NH, Omaha…) unless they go down below 0.500. which i do not see happening with most games at home (MSU, PSU, OSU easy. maybe one win and tie with Minnesota like Wisconsin did) for season finale.

      As far as bracket goes. NCAA should stop using regional when they are not going to put teams as regional (which also make sense considering now that all teams in same league is in similar region. Look at Michigan (which seems odd as topic as I am not a fan of Michigan) basketball team assigned to south regional last season for March Madness.

    • So you see Michigan losing 3-4 more games? I’m guessing you are figuring that they’ll get swept again by Minnesota (at Yost) and lose on the road to OSU and MSU. They have 6 of their last 8 at home vs. MSU, PSU, OSU and Minn. Somehow I think they’ll play better than 4-4 in those last 8 games. Don’t forget the B1G Ten tourney will also impact an at-large bid.
      If for whatever reason the team falters down the stretch it won’t be because of their “young goaltending” feeling any pressure. Not with the schedule they have played this season. If anything, you can point to the lack of offense and defensive issues which doesn’t take a genius to figure out.
      I think most of your premise is based on:
      1. Michigan hatred
      2. NCHC colored glasses
      3. Complete (old) WCHA bias

  5. This is the most vivid demonstration, EVER, why the selection process for the Tourney MUST be changed !!!….Mercyhurst. THE THIRTY-SIXTH PAIR-WISE TEAM, makes the Tourney – It is usual the Atlantic Hockey Champ kicks a REALLY deserving team out of the Tourney !!!….Time for the league to go back to Division 3 !!!!

    • can someone get this guy out of here..clearly you know nothing about college hockey. AHA league winners have won games in the ncaa tournament including RIT who went to the frozen four in 2010..it’s just how the automatic bids work. If you don’t like it then go comment on a college bowling site

      • HEY StevieJ: I understand HOW the automatic bid works….IF you could read, my point is it’s time to CHANGE the system !!!…As for RIT “going to the Frozen Four”, HELL, MY MOTHER went to the frozen four ONCE !!!!….Even a blind squirrel could find the Frozen Four ONCE !!!!….Perhaps YOU should actually GO to college !!!

        • Why should the automatic bid be changed? You win your conference tournament but not good enough for the big dance? Maybe they should go back to giving the conference regular season title and tournament champion an automatic bid……bet your precious HE teams in the tourny would decrease. And stop with the all capital letters, you look like an idiot.


          • 2 decades is 20 years right? So you are saying that a HE team has been in every championship game the last 20 years huh? Well this is easy.
            2013 – Yale vs. Quin – no HE
            2011 – UMD vs. Mich – no HE
            2005 – Denver vs. UND – no HE

            Oh and btw, the WCHA had 8 championships in the past 20 years as well….This whole argument about what league is better is so stupid.

          • There is even more than that, I was just naming a few to show how wrong he was! (Hey look, we agree on something :) )

          • You obviously cant count, because 20 years worth of championships goes back to 1994. So 7 titles and 11 runner-ups. So then they should just do away the conferences completely? Cause thats how it would have to be. Go wash the sand out of your panties.

          • Because no other league will take Notre Dame and it’s play by my rules or else ( See football Team ) if you don’t comprehend this point. Hockey East wanted the money from Notre Dame and its TV exposure from NBC.

      • NHDEM is right RIT is trash and AHA should be put somewhere where the rest of college hockey doesnt have to look at it and can pretend it doesnt exist

        • this is not the NHL where half the teams make the playoffs. d3 men has 79 teams and 9 teams make the tourney. in D1 men and women. its about 1 fourth. D1 women has 8 teams make the playoffs out of 35. so if you drop atlantic conference. D1 goes down 48 teams. . you go back to when D1 tourney 12 teams. i was pleased when atlantic hockey moved to D1 and the tourney went to 16 teams.

  6. Just seed them as they are ranked, it’s the only fair way. Tired of the seeding process to create attendance. Nobody seems to watch games out East anyway!

    • dude, totally agree.
      At the same time, there is not much demand as we would like it to be. BIG seams like only league that can BARELY pull off regular broadcast, barely.

      they need those attendance as a doormat.

    • Hockey East does pretty well and can sustain a broadcast on NESN. The Garden is filled its games. Worcester will do fine as long as BC is there. ECAC always is near capacity at its rinks, but the schools tend to be smaller, remote by eastern standards, and have issues filling bigger rinks during the tournament, especially when they are off the East coast. However, QU has a strong following and will fill Bridgeport if it is there.

  7. How would it look if, instead of an Northeastern / Michigan swap, you start with a Lowell / Wisconsin swap, and the switch Michigan and North Dakota? I like what you did with 13, 14, and 15, but with the two swaps above, you get Ferris State / Michigan in Cincinnati, create the potential for NoDak / MN regional final, and keep Beanpot rivals in the local regional. How much better a draw is Lowell than Northeastern for Worcester? One has to go west, and I like where North Dakota and Michigan end up much better. This also allows the West and Midwest to have 4 different conferences in each, which is interesting in terms of bragging rights.

    • I think Lowell would bring more fans to Worcester than Northeastern would. Shocking to see Providence fall so far so fast…but they can make up for this swoon.

    • Northeastern doesn’t seem to travel well even to nearby Hockey East schools. Lowell had a solid presence in Manchester last year and with their continued success into this year should pull a good crowd in Worcester if that’s where they do end up.

  8. If a conference has 5 or more teams in the tournament, inter-conference matchups do not need to automatically be switched. Therefore I would keep the Northeastern-Lowell matchup in the Northeast region, shift North Dakota to St. Paul to play Wisconsin, and move Michigan to the Midwest.

  9. If Tech didn’t have to play in Fargo, I’d give them the nod to get to the Frozen Four. They may steal one against SCSU, but UND will be tough to beat with the home ice advantage.

  10. I’ve attended the WCHA Final Five for many years now, and I was curious what the attendance and atmosphere would be like after the realignment.
    Friday’s games were very competitive but the crowd wasn’t nearly as excited about the tournament as it was for the Championship Game on Saturday night. Saturday’s atmosphere felt like the old WCHA, it was electric!
    I have to say, the Tech Fans are a blast to be around. They had a great following, with many witty chants and antics. They were louder than the MSU fans.
    Congrats to the new WCHA!

    • .
      “My father was a miner on the upper Malamute.
      My mother was a hostess in the house of ill repute.
      And at the tender age of three, they threw me on my ear,
      And there was nothing left for me to do but become an engineer.”

      • See, that’s what I’m talking about…
        Some of the Tech Pep Band members were lining up in the isles like the MSU cheerleaders and mocking their routines. Awesome!

    • The MSU fans are wannabe Minnesota fans. They are completely weak. But most fans are weak compared to mtech. I absolutely love that bands cheers. Especially the ones where (since they are engineers) mock you after because “they don’t get it” lol best part of college hockey is the bands

  11. Attendance in St Paul was also affected by the NCHC tournament held 10 miles away and the Women’s Frozen Four played this past weekend.


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