Weekend picks: Feb. 23

Last weekend was a good one for me, as I went 27-5 No. .843, while Nicole went 22-10 No. .687, so I improved my lead on her on the year to 335-121-59 No. .707, while Nicole is 327-129-59 No. .692.

The playoffs start for three conferences this weekend, which makes picking series more complicated, so here we go.

Friday-Saturday, Feb. 23-24

Lindenwood at Penn State
Candace: A tough one to call. I’ll go with a Penn State sweep at home in two close games. Penn State 2-1, 2-1
Nicole: I think they split this one. Lindenwood 3-1, Penn State 2-1

Mercyhurst at RIT
Candace: I like the Lakers to sweep and keep the pressure on Robert Morris. Mercyhurst 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: Mercyhurst should sweep this. Mercyhurst 4-2, 3-0

No. 9 Robert Morris at Syracuse
Candace: These two split back in January, and it sent the Colonials on a little mini-crash. A split could happen again, but I think Robert Morris is going to hyped up to win the CHA. Robert Morris 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: Syracuse is at home and they split a series earlier in the season. I feel like we see a split and that means a tie for first place. Syracuse 3-2, Robert Morris 2-1

Yale at No. 2 Clarkson
Candace: I see a pretty convincing Golden Knights’ sweep. Clarkson 4-1, 4-1
Nicole: Clarkson wins this in two games. Clarkson 4-1, 3-0

Quinnipiac at No. 8 St. Lawrence
Candace: This should be one barn-burner of a series. It probably has the highest upset potential, but I like the Saints. St. Lawrence 3-2, Quinnipiac 2-1, St. Lawrence 3-2
Nicole: I think this goes to three games. St. Lawrence wins game one, Quinnipiac game two. St. Lawrence 3-2, Quinnipiac 4-2, St. Lawrence 3-1

Harvard at No. 4 Colgate
Candace: I like the Raiders in two. Colgate 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: Colgate takes this in two games. Colgate 4-1, 3-2

Princeton at No. 5 Cornell
Candace: Another hard series to pick. Probably goes three. Cornell 2-1, Princeton 2-1, Cornell 3-2
Nicole: This will take three games, but Cornell succeeds. Cornell 3-1, Princeton 3-2, Cornell 4-2

Vermont at No. 3 Boston College
Candace: I think BC advances in two. Boston College 4-2, 4-3
Nicole: I think there’s a chance this one goes to three games, but I don’t think BC underestimates Vermont again. I’ll take the Eagles in two. Boston College 5-3, 3-2

Boston University at Maine
Candace: The Terriers lost all three games between the two this year, but seem to have been playing better over the last month. Maine only has one win in its last nine games. Boston University 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: Maine takes this, but it does go to three games. Maine 4-2, Boston University 3-1, Maine 5-3

New Hampshire at Northeastern
Candace: Dare I pick Northeastern to sweep? Northeastern 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: I think Northeastern takes this in two. Northeastern 3-1, 2-0

Connecticut at No. 10 Providence
Candace: I think the Friars may have righted the ship slightly. Providence 2-1, 3-2
Nicole: I think Connecticut can take one here, but Providence prevails. Connecticut 2-1, Providence 3-1, 3-2

Bemidji State at Minnesota Duluth
Candace: Bemidji won three of the five games between the two this year, but losing to Duluth in January sent the Beavers into a 2-6-1 tailspin to finish the year. Duluth has been playing much better of late. This could come back to bite me, but I’ll pick the Bulldogs. Minnesota Duluth 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: I’m picking Bemidji to upset here. There’s just something about the Beavers that seems to get under an opponent’s skin. They had the better of this rivalry this season, and I think over three games, they could come out ahead. Minnesota Duluth 2-1, Bemidji State 4-2, 1-0

Minnesota State at No. 6 Ohio State
Candace: Despite OSU’s raging inconsistency, I like the Buckeyes in two. Ohio State 3-1, 3-2
Nicole: This should be all Buckeyes. Ohio State 4-1, 3-1

St. Cloud State at No. 7 Minnesota
Candace: Minnesota should sweep, but both games will be close. Minnesota 3-2, 2-1
Nicole: Gophers in two. Minnesota 3-1, 3-2