Women’s D-I picks Jan. 11: Wisconsin versus Ohio State and Boston College versus Northeastern highlight the action

Emma Maltais of The Ohio State University women's hockey team. (www.BigTenPhoto.com / Walt Middleton Photography 2011)
Emma Maltais and Ohio State University hope to upset top-ranked Wisconsin. (www.BigTenPhoto.com / Walt Middleton Photography 2011)

In this season of epic parity, Nicole and I are struggling with our picks. Last weekend, I went 12-8-4 No. .583, while Nicole was 11-9-4 No. .541. On the year, I am 172-70-30 No. .687 while Nicole is 164-78-30 No. .658. Hopefully, we can do better this weekend.

Friday, Jan. 11

Syracuse at RIT
Candace: I lean toward the Orange, although RIT has been the hotter team of late. Eh, I’ll flip my mind. RIT 2-1
Nicole: Syracuse wins. Syracuse 3-1

Quinnipiac at No. 9 Colgate
Candace: I have to think Colgate regroups, though it will be tough. Colgate 2-1
Nicole: I’ll take Colgate at home. Colgate 2-0

No. 6 Princeton at No. 4 Cornell
Candace: One of the top games of the weekend. Cornell did not play well last weekend, so I go with the visitor. Princeton 2-1
Nicole: I’m going with Princeton to win. Princeton 3-2

Harvard at Dartmouth
Candace: Harvard has been inconsistent, Dartmouth terrible. Harvard 2-1
Nicole: Harvard wins. Harvard 3-1

No. 5 Clarkson at Rensselaer
Candace: I see the Golden Knights getting back on track. Clarkson 4-1
Nicole: Clarkson wins. Clarkson 4-0

St. Lawrence at Union
Candace: St. Lawrence needs a win, and they should get it. St. Lawrence 3-1
Nicole: St. Lawrence wins. St. Lawrence 4-1

Brown at Yale
Candace: Brown is in freefall right now, though Yale is not much better. Yale 2-1
Nicole: Yale takes this one. Yale 3-1

Friday-Saturday, Jan. 11-12

New Hampshire at Connecticut
Candace: I think New Hampshire has been the better team of late. New Hampshire 2-1, 3-1
Nicole: I think these two split. New Hampshire 3-1, Connecticut 2-1

No. 10 Boston College versus No. 3 Northeastern
Candace: Maybe the Eagles will break out of their funk. Why not? Boston College 4-3, 4-3
Nicole: I think I have to pick Northeastern to sweep. Northeastern 4-3, 3-1

Boston University versus No. 7 Providence
Candace: I’m going with home ice for each. Providence 3-1, Boston University 3-2
Nicole: Providence sweeps. Providence 2-0, 3-2

Merrimack at Vermont
Candace: Eh, I’ll pick the Warriors to sweep. Merrimack 3-2, 2-1
Nicole: A split. Merrimack 3-1, Vermont 2-1

Minnesota Duluth at Bemidji State
Candace: The Beavers have been playing well of late, but Duluth showed signs of life last weekend. Minnesota Duluth 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: UMD wins game one, BSU wins game two. Minnesota Duluth 4-2, Bemidji State 2-1

No. 1 Wisconsin at No. 8 Ohio State
Candace: I’d love to pick a split, but I like Wisconsin to sweep. Wisconsin 3-2, 3-2
Nicole: This one is tough, but I think it’s a split. Wisconsin 4-2, Ohio State 3-2

No. 2 Minnesota at Minnesota State
Candace: The Gophers should roll. Minnesota 4-1, 4-1
Nicole: Minnesota sweeps. Minnesota 5-2, 4-1

Saturday, Jan. 12

Yale at Brown
Candace: I think Yale has more confidence than Brown, though that’s not saying much. Yale 3-2
Nicole: I’ll take Brown. Brown 2-1

No. 6 Princeton at No. 9 Colgate
Candace: I think the Tigers cement their position atop the ECAC this weekend. Princeton 4-2
Nicole: I’m going with Princeton. Princeton 3-2

Quinnipiac at No. 4 Cornell
Candace: This could be an upset, but if I’m right about Friday, Cornell will be desperate in this game. Cornell 3-2
Nicole: Cornell wins. Cornell 3-1

St. Lawrence at Rensselaer
Candace: I think St. Lawrence gets a needed sweep. St. Lawrence 3-1
Nicole: St. Lawrence wins. St. Lawrence 4-1

No. 5 Clarkson at Union
Candace: Clarkson keeps pace with Princeton. Clarkson 4-1
Nicole: Clarkson wins. Clarkson 3-0

Saturday-Sunday, Jan. 12-13

Maine at Holy Cross
Candace: If Holy Cross gets a win, it’s in the first game, but I don’t see it. Maine 3-1, 3-1
Nicole: Maine wins game one, Holy Cross wins game two. Maine 3-1, Holy Cross 2-1