USCHO releases new app for start of 2019-20 season

Coinciding with the start of the 2019-20 college hockey season, has released a redesigned app. The most resent set of patches were released 11/7/2019.

One major stability issue was reported on IOS for version 3.15 with gameday view not always refreshing automatically during live games. Patch 3.17 fixes this issue as well as adds numerous performance and navigational changes. The list of fixes and improvements is getting much smaller. With all the changes in this release to navigation and performance we could see some more stability issues crop up.

Android 2.15 had one major instability issue reported. It is fixed in release 2.17 on 11/7/2019. A new crash was introduced on team page.

Both apps have officially cleared their beta and this release focuses on performance upgrades and new features. Again, if you have issue or want a new feature please use the Report a site problem .

If you like the progress we made, give us a favorable review. Most people only report negative reviews and the beta launch has had many issues that many of you have played a critical role communicating to us. If you are pleased with the progress be sure to give us a favorable review.


This is a complete redesign of the USCHO Android and Apple iOS apps. We removed many clicks and increased font size to make it more user friendly. We will continue to monitor the app for crashes and fix any issues in the coming weeks. Make sure you download the latest versions.

There is a great deal of subtle detail in the app. The more you play with it the more you will understand. While some people may have the opinion that the previous app was better, it was at end of life and was not able to support improvements. Most issues were relatively easy to fix. Thanks again for all the feedback. It helps prioritize the fixes. Keep the feedback coming so we can continuously improve the apps.

Latest versions Android 2.17, IOS 3.17


– Android Stability: Fix a crash added in 2.15
– Nav Change (Both): Added a “gameday” button to go back from box to gameday view
– Nav Change (IOS): Removed default loading of a team when non selected on team page. Opened team drop down when no team selected.
– Android Nav Change: Removed default loading of a team when non selected on team page. Added a list of teams in conference.
– Performance (Both): Numerous changes to how much data is pulled and when screens redraw.
– Tweak (IOS): Added Shootout winner to box view


– IOS: Alert for new versions with link to Apple Store
– Both: Add Top 20 and All Games tab to gameday
– IOS: Conference slider on tabs does not always slide like android swipe pager
– Android: Move from Local Notifications to Push Notifications.
– Android: Alert user of poor internet connection causing delays.


– Android: Stability patch for unwanted redirects
– Android: Prevent random crash on Team page
– IOS: Patch for Push notifications
– IOS: Two small presentation issues
– IOS: Gameday issues. White screens and performance issues when full range of games Live.
– Both: Redirect to first page on game day when favorite team not sent
– Both: Reduce calls to bare minimum for refresh during gameday, delay starting refresh
– IOS: Fixes an issue where favorite team conf lost on days where real conference games played and app completely closed and not left running in background. Toggle favorite team on and off and leaving app in memory avoids the issue.
– Android: Make sure data is compressed via HTTPS call.
– Android: Add link to Play Store when version needs updating.
– IOS: Review larger format phones and tablets and make buttons and text bigger
– Added additional inks to Fan Forum for easier access.
– Added an FAQ
– Fixed a refresh issue in game day that was redirecting you to the wrong conference
– Updated some team logos
– Android: Captured a bug causing crashes in Android 9
– Android: Added an alert for new versions
– IOS: Fixed a format issue on Iphones with higher resolution screens (Iphone 8Plus, XR, …)
– IOS: Fixed most of issues where favorite team used to help simplify navigation between tabs
– IOS: Added links to the News and Podcasts
– IOS: Fixed an issue in formatting of live boxes
– IOS: Fixed 2 issues with live game refresh not showing in all locations
– IOS: Fixed an issue with Push Notifications
– Captured a bug where users where idle for a while and came back in causing fatal crash
– Added some error handling around no data available
– Fixed some formatting issues
– Improved game day center
– Added team logos
– Added favorite team feature
– Added notifications for goals, end of period and end of game for favorite team.
– Created cross links between standings, rankings and team info
– Numerous navigational improvements
– Added a privacy data policy section
– Fixed crash on open from shortcut

To get the app, visit the Google Play store or Apple’s app store to get the latest.

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