Former Harvard Player Dies on TWA Crash

Former Harvard player Michel Breistroff was reportedly aboard TWA Flight 800 when it crashed last week and is presumed dead.

Breistroff, a native of Roubaix, France, scored four goals and 20 points in his 95-game career at Harvard, but was known more for his defense play.

The anthropology major was returning to France when the plane went down. He was considered to have a good shot at making the 1998 French Olympic hockey team.

“This is a very sad time,” said Harvard hockey head coach Ronn Tomassoni. “Michel was an outstanding young man who touched the hearts of many people at Harvard. He was very proud of being at Harvard and very proud of playing hockey at Harvard.

“He was an unselfish player who would do anything to help his team. He was the consummate team player. We who were fortunate to be part of his life at Harvard will miss him greatly.

“Our prayers and thoughts are with Michel and his family.”


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