NCAA To Investigate Minnesota

The University of Minnesota and the NCAA are engaged in an investigation into possible rules infractions, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Sunday, October 20, 1996.

Reportedly Gopher head coach Doug Woog gave co-captain Chris McAlpine $500 after the conclusion of the 1993-94 hockey season, once defenseman McAlpine had used up his hockey eligibility. The money was to be used to finish school.

University officials had no official comment to make on the matter.

McAlpine played four years for the Minnesota team, from the 1990-91 seasons. In his senior season he was co-captain, and is on the all time leader board for assists and points by a Minnesota defensemen. He was named to the second team All America squad in 1994.

McAlpine is currently with the Albany River Rats of the AHL.


  1. Nice one, Candace. Detailed and accurate, as usual. We might have dodged a bullet on the no-goal call. I couldn’t see it, was on opposite end of ice, but the CC players all raised their sticks when it happened. Pleasantly surprised, this is the 3rd DU game in a row that Anderson let them play. Maybe someone in league office gave him some “guidance”. He only had to call some CC chippy penalties at the end, which you so eloquently described. Can’t believe Haviland thought they “could have gone both ways”, was he watching the ice? If CC gets chippy again tonight, expect Hammond to play “policeman”. I hope it is not needed, can’t afford any suspensions.


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