State Legislator Wants Walsh Fired

A state representative to the Maine legislature plans to introduce a resolution asking the University of Maine to fire suspended ice hockey coach Shawn Walsh, according to the Associated Press.

Walsh, who was suspended for one year without pay for his role in NCAA violations, is slated to return as coach Dec. 24.

Rep. Art Mayo, a University of Maine graduate and financial backer, has reportedly been disturbed ever since the university chose to suspend Walsh, rather than fire him in December of 1995.

According to the AP, Mayo’s resolution states that the NCAA described Walsh’s role as “a violation of the provisions of ethical conduct”. Mayo’s resolution goes on to state that it does not “reflect well on the integrity of the university’s athletic programs or the overall mission of the University of Maine.”

Mayo reportedly has also told the AP that it is unclear whether or not his resolution will be debated.

University of Maine officials, and Rep. Mayo could not be reached for comment.