Walsh Returns to Maine Bench

Maine head coach Shawn Walsh returns to the bench Friday, December 27, as Maine takes on Denver in a first-round matchup of the Denver Cup tournament.

Walsh was suspended in December, 1995 by Maine after many NCAA violations were uncovered in which Walsh was either directly or indirectly involved. Walsh’s suspension ended December 24.

“I’m making a commitment for coming back in the long-term and rebuilding the program in the long-term,” said Walsh.

Walsh ran his first practice of the season on Christmas evening, and since his suspension did not allow contact with the team at all, including attending games, Walsh has a lot of work to do.

“I haven’t seen [Maine] play,” said Walsh. “I’ve listened to a few of the games on the radio [and read the newspapers], but I’m going in blind. I’m looking forward to using the Denver tournament to get an idea about our personnel. It’ll be my training camp.

“Denver is a quality team. They were a top preseason pick in many polls, ranked as highly as fifth in the country. They seem to have righted their own ship when they swept Minnesota-Duluth two weekends ago. They’ll be a very, very good team on their own ice surface.”

Walsh has a 289-171-26 record in 12 years at Maine.


  1. 3 goals on 12 shots. UML was rusty after 13 days off. UNH trapped 95% of the game, and created what few chances they had off of turnovers. I’m thinking that Forney gets scratched in favor of Panico tonight and Edwardh gets finally moved off that top line for someone who has his head in the game.

    • Was really surprised to see UML lose last night. Saw it was 2-0, but was early, and thought they’d come back.

  2. Even with the shots being 17-1 for Lowell in the 3rd period, it didn’t seem like domination. Easy to handle shots from 40 feet for the UNH goalie. Too many passes early on in the 1st period when there was an open shot. They need to show some urgency early on tonight or no trip to Boston. Reminds me of late January

    • Good to meet you guys last night!

      I guess we’ll see how they respond tonight.

      To me it was pretty evident that they hadn’t faced game pressure in a while. The younger guys were a bit shaky. The normally solid line of Hausinger, Lohin, and O’Neill looked very tentative and the younger D-men caved under a 2 man forecheck. Normally, none of that happens, but last night it did.

      They also couldn’t buy a goal, no puck luck at all. 4 or 5 golden chances skipped right through the blue paint and nobody got a stick on them. Frustrating to watch, though I did enjoy Kelleher getting his clock cleaned.

  3. Lowell played like Claude Julien’s Bruins.

    – A lot of meaningless shots.
    – Only decided to play hard in the 3rd.
    – Went down early with two soft goals.
    – Lost at home.
    – Embarassing to watch.

    Something has to change or we are going to enjoy a few weeks off before the NCAA Tournament.


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