Entire Bronco Squad Suspended After Violations Uncovered

In the aftermath of a team party which resulted in the arrests and suspensions of sophomores Mark Wilkinson and Steven Rymsha, Western Michigan has suspended its entire hockey team for one game for secondary NCAA violations.

The suspensions will be served by all team members in staggered fashion over six games, preventing the need for any WMU forfeits. Players must also attend alcohol education and perform community service.

Western Michigan’s internal investigation revealed several violations of the NCAA’s “extra-benefits” rules, including the fact that head coach Bill Wilkinson had organized a team golf outing at a private club Saturday, Sept. 19, the same day that the team party was held at the home of Rymsha and Mark Wilkinson, the coach’s son.

It was also found that none of the four residents of that house — which is owned by Bill Wilkinson — had been required to sign a lease or make a security deposit, both of which are considered extra benefits and hence NCAA violations.

Bill Wilkinson, who was temporarily suspended during WMU’s investigation, has been reinstated. Mark Wilkinson and Rymsha remain suspended indefinitely.


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