Charges Issued Against Two MSU Players

Michigan State players Jeff Kozakowski and Bryan Adams are currently under investigation by East Lansing (Mich.) police for their roles in a Sept. 18, 1998, incident, and criminal arrest warrants for both players have been issued.

Adams, a senior forward and assistant captain, is charged with illegal entry and malicious destruction of property. The charges against Kozakowski, a senior defenseman, are illegal entry, malicious destruction of property and assault and battery. The charges are misdemeanors, and carry a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail under Michigan law.

“First of all, this incident occurred in September before our season started, and I dealt with it at that time,” said Spartan head coach Ron Mason Thursday. “There will be nothing further done internally to the players in question.

“What really happened was that our players responded to one of their teammates who had been badly beaten up and sent to the hospital. To this date, the police have not been able to identify any of the individuals who attacked our player.”

The charges are apparently the result of Adams and Kozakowski seeking out their teammate’s attackers at an off-campus site.

“I understand that Jeff and Bryan intend to enter not guilty pleas,” Mason, who did not identify the third player involved, added.

Adams and Kozakowski have 10 days to respond to the charges.

Ingham County prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III told the Detroit Free Press, “I don’t understand why this is such a big media event. They were just a couple of college kids who got in a fight. We have a lot more serious crime that nobody pays attention to.”