Marian Head Coach Resigns After Hazing Incident

Paul Caufield, head coach at Marian College in Fond du Lac, Wis., resigned Friday in the wake of an apparent hazing incident.

Marian College President Richard Ridenour appeared at a news conference to discuss the incident, but provided no details, according to Green Bay, Wis., ABC-TV affiliate WBAY, except to say that no physical danger was encountered by any of the participants.

As reported on WBAY’s website, the incident took place on the team bus. No police action is expected.

In addition to the resignation of Caufield, in his second year as Marian head coach, 30 team members are to be disciplined, and school officials are apparently considering canceling games.

“We will take appropriate action with our team to have proper punishment for the incident, and also make this a learning experience for them and for the college,” Ridenour said.


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