UConn Will Not Bid for 2002 MAAC Tournament

Just days after Army said that they will not bid to host the 2002 MAAC Championships, Connecticut now has stated that it will not bid on the event either.

UConn, which hosted last year’s event and will be the host again this March, does not want to host the tournament in 2002 because of the costs involved, according to league officials. MAAC by-laws currently state that the host institution is responsible for many of the costs associated with hosting the event.

The conference only covers the cost of on-ice officials, marketing materials, pucks, and the television broadcast. Participating teams are responsible to pay for travel, hotel costs, meals and the league banquet. All other costs, such as event staff, hospitality, and off-ice officials, becomes the responsibility of the host team.

Holy Cross, which hosted the inaugural MAAC tournament in 1999, and Quinnipiac are the only two schools believed to be bidding for the 2002 event. Quinnipiac, which does not have an on-campus rink, will look to hold the event in the New Haven Coliseum.