CCHA Announces All-Decade Teams

The CCHA, in conjunction with its 30th anniversary season, has released its all-decade teams for the 1990s, 1980s and 1970s.

The CCHA was started in the summer of 1971 by three coaches — Jack Vivian of Bowling Green, Ron Mason of Lake Superior, and Bill Selman of St. Louis — in a meeting in the Parker House in Boston. From that meeting a “coaches league” was established and a scheduling agreement was then reached between Bowling Green, Ohio State, Ohio University and St. Louis. One year later, Lake Superior State joined the league.

From those humble beginnings, the CCHA has grown into a power that has produced seven national champions, most recently Michigan in 1996 and 1998.

Of the 37 players selected to the CCHA all-Decade teams, 26 were all-Americans (15 multiple all-Americans) and 27 went on to play in the NHL, including all-stars Mike Liut and Rob Blake of Bowling Green.

The all-Decade teams were selected by a committee of coaches, administrators and media that have been involved with the league for the better parts of the last three decades. After starting with a pool of Hobey Baker winners, all-Americans, all-conference players and write-ins that played at least three years of college hockey, the following all-Decade teams were selected.

Players were then split into each decade based on which decade they spent the most time. If a player split time between decades he was inserted into the decade in which he graduated.

1990s All-Decade Team

F Jim Dowd, 1987-91, LSSU
F Brendan Morrison, 1993-97, Michigan
F Mike York, 1995-99, Michigan State
D Keith Aldridge, 1992-96, LSSU
D Mark Astley, 1988-92, LSSU
G Marty Turco, 1994-98, Michigan

F Denny Felsner, 1988-92, Mihigan
F Brian Holzinger, 1991-95, Bowling Green
F Dwayne Norris, 1988-92, Michigan State
D Dan Boyle, 1994-98, Miami
D Mike Weaver, 1996-00, Michigan State
G Darrin Madeley, 1989-92, LSSU

1980s All-Decade Team

F Nelson Emerson, 1986-90, Bowling Green
F George McPhee, 1978-82, Bowling Green
F Kip Miller, 1986-90, Michigan State
D Rob Blake, 1987-90, Bowling Green
D Wayne Gagne, 1983-87, W. Michigan
G Ron Scott, 1980-83, Michigan State

F Dan Dorion, 1982-86, W. Michigan
F Brian Hills, 1979-83, Bowling Green
F Paul Pooley, 1981-84, Ohio State
D Garry Galley, 1981-84, Bowling Green
D Don McSween, 1983-87, Michigan State
G Gary Kruzich, 1983-87, Bowling Green

1970s All-Decade TeamL

F Steve Bozek, 1978-81, N. Michigan
F Bill Joyce, 1976-80, N. Michigan
F John Markell, 1975-79, Bowling Green
D Tom Laidlaw, 1976-80, N. Michigan
D Ken Morrow, 1975-79, Bowling Green
G Mike Liut, 1973-77, Bowling Green

F Bob Dobek, 1972-75, Bowling Green
F Rick Kennedy, 1971-75, St. Louis
F Mark Wells, 1975-79, Bowling Green
D Roger Archer, 1971-75, Bowling Green
D Tom Davies, 1970-74, D, LSSU
D Don Waddell, 1976-80, N. Michigan
G Steve Weeks, 1976-1980, N. Michigan