NCAA: Tournaments Will Continue Despite Looming War

The NCAA announced today that all winter championships slated for this weekend, including women’s Division I and III hockey and men’s Division III hockey, will continue as scheduled. The Division I women’s tournament is at Minnesota-Duluth, Division III women are at Elmira, and Norwich is hosting Division III men.

“The White House has encouraged continuation of life as usual, and we have made the decision to move forward with all 11 tournaments being conducted throughout the nation this week and weekend,” said Myles Brand, NCAA president.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women in uniform involved in the Iraqi conflict and elsewhere,” said Brand. “At the same time, we share the President’s resolve to maintain normalcy under Liberty Shield.”

The decision came as a result of conversations with Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.

Division I men’s basketball begins its tournament tonight. Other tournaments scheduled for this weekend are men’s and women’s fencing, Division III men’s swimming, Division I wrestling, Division I women’s swimming, and Division III men’s and women’s basketball.

The NCAA said that Brand consulted with the NCAA Executive Committee and the Division I Board of Directors and that they unanimously concurred with the decision.

According to Brand, enhanced security measures have been put in place and that the NCAA will continue to stay in contact with the Department of Homeland Security to “ensure a safe environment for student-athletes and fans.”