Moy Named King of the Frozen Four

A whirlwind weekend for general manager Jayson Moy came to an end on Saturday evening as he was crowned the very first “King of the Frozen Four.” The eccentric beat out fellow nominees Noah Smith of Hockey East, Tim Danehy of, Mike Kobylanski of Quinnipiac and Peter Sejna of Colorado College.

“I couldn’t be any happier than I am right now,” said Moy. “It was a tough battle with tough competitors, but somehow I managed to get this dubious honor.

“I’ve met so many great people and received so much support that it’s amazing. It was very hard at some points and frustrating at other points, but it was all worth it.”

Moy earned his title throughout the weekend, drawing key endorsements from fellow Frozen Four fans, participants, student-athletes and athletic supporters.

Moy was the envy of all as he picked up the Gopher Cheerleader voting block (Photo: Talya Arbisser)

Moy was the envy of all as he picked up the Gopher Cheerleader voting block (Photo: Talya Arbisser)

On Thursday afternoon, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman hastily called a news conference to pronounce his decision to endorse Moy before announcing the approval of the sale of the Buffalo Sabres.

“Jayson is truly deserving of being the ‘King,'” he said. “While his team may not be in the NHL playoffs, he has still carried the torch, and on the collegiate level, he is what keeps me in touch with my beloved Big Red. As a Cornell alum, he is my link to the Big Red and I wanted everyone to know that I appreciate his fine work.”

Former Attorney General Janet Reno also came out in support of Moy on Thursday afternoon. Reno, another Cornell alum, is an avid reader of his work.

Moy picked up a key endorsement when the Minnesota Skating Gopher Cheerleaders gave him their block of votes. All ten of the cheerleaders flocked to Moy as they announced their selection of whom to support. The endorsement was key as it steamrolled into the entire Gopher cheering section of the HSBC Arena getting behind him.

“There is absolutely no other choice here,” said Cindy, the captain. “We had heard of Jayson and wondered what it would be like to actually meet him, but did not realize until we met just how special he really is.”

Moy is all smiles as he picks up his Hobey Baker Award (Photo: Ed Trefzger)

Moy is all smiles as he picks up his Hobey Baker Award (Photo: Ed Trefzger)

The UNH mascot, Wild E. Cat, was speechless when he/she met Moy. The speechlessness did not allow anyone to determine the gender of Wild E. Cat. But with paw-motion (very similar to ESPN-Motion), Wild E. Cat threw its support to Moy as well.

On Friday, Moy gained valuable points leading the USCHO Town Hall Meeting. Despite the fact that his performance was marred at times because he allowed some questioners to attack in a hurried, technical and somewhat obtuse manner.

Moy ran up against some competition as Peter Sejna was awarded the Hobey Baker Award. But, at the last moment, all 25 voters decided to change their votes after the ceremony and gave the Award to Moy.

“Jayson looks good with the Hobey,” said Jim Nichols, chairman of the Hobey Baker committee. “He exemplifies what college hockey is, and gets our full vote, because he really is the ‘King’ here at the Frozen Four.”

The competition did not come without a little bit of controversy though. One of Moy’s competitors was visibly upset with the decision.

“I demand a recount,” said Danehy. “Moy is nowhere close to the winner. He is at least 500 votes away from being the ‘King.’ Moy is a stupid man, but the people are clever. How they ever voted for such a stupid man is unbelievable.”

Officials of Price Coopers Waterhouse reiterated that the count was fair and accurate.

Kobylanski also was heard to be planning a dispute, but being from the MAAC, his protest was lowered by the relative strength of schedule of the protest and was given the 16th position in complaints.

Moy addresses the press after being named King of the Frozen Four (Photo: Talya Arbisser)

Moy addresses the press after being named King of the Frozen Four (Photo: Talya Arbisser)

As Dave Fischer, the NCAA press conference information director, announced Moy’s crowning, unanimous approval and clapping was present in a standing ovation. This led to one of the most heartfelt press conferences of the Frozen Four.

“This could not have happened without the support of all involved,” said Moy. “I’ve worked hard all season and written all season and done everything that I could. It was good to see that I was respected and well-liked enough to win this award. I truly think that I would be one of the last ones voted off an island.

“It goes to show you that hard work does pay off. Everyone I’ve met and talked to this week had been nothing but spectacular to me. And I have so many people to thank for it.

“Not only do I owe a special thank you to the Gopher Cheerleaders for getting me up and helping me push hard and fast, but a special thank you to all the fans out there.”

Moy will hold the ‘King’ title until next year’s Frozen Four in Boston. Until then he’ll bask in the glory.

“No one will be beating my head with a shoe,” he said. “I am just so happy!”



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