Surgery For Standbrook After Fall Hurts Both Knees

Maine assistant coach Grant Standbrook will have an operation Thursday to repair tendons and ligaments in both knees, and will be laid up for about six weeks, according to Black Bears coach Tim Whitehead.

Standbrook was walking down a flight of stairs at Pilgrim Arena in Hingham, Mass., while attending the recent NECDL College Showcase Tournament, when he slipped and fell forward, landing on both knees.

“He tore the tendon that connects the quad to the kneecap,” said Whitehead. “He’s in great shape. The good news is, he’ll recover quicker than the average person.

“It was a long fall. He’ll end up being in a cast for six weeks … [and] he has to keep his legs straight.”

Whitehead said that Standbrook will spend most of the summer in rehab, but should be fine in time for hockey season.

Standbrook, considered one of the nation’s best recruiters, will miss some summer tournaments while he’s immobile.

“From his standpoint, it’s golfing season,” joked Whitehead. “He loves to golf and so does his wife. So he’ll have to miss out on a few rounds.”