Early Signings

Below is a listing of all stories associated with underclassmen signing NHL contracts, thereby giving up remaining collegiate eligibility

Walter Leaves UML for Boston Bruins
Brown Leaves Michigan for Vancouver Canucks
Rosehill Leaves UMD for Tampa Bay Lightning
Skinner Leaves Denver for Vancouver Canucks
Toffey Leaves Massachusetts for Tampa Bay Lightning
Howard Leaves Maine for Detroit Red Wings
Eaves Leaves BC for Ottawa Senators
Hynes Leaves Cornell for Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Holt Leaves UNO for New York Rangers
Greene Leaves NoDak for Edmonton Oilers
Tambellini Leaves Michigan for Los Angeles Kings
Sigalet Leaves BGSU for Boston Bruins
Greco Leaves CC for Tampa Bay Lightning
Stuart Leaves CC for Boston Bruins
Jessiman Leaves Dartmouth for New York Rangers
Montoya Leaves Michigan for New York Rangers