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A couple of new programs have started up in the West, and the MCHA has snagged them. Concordia (WI) and Adrian College in Michigan have added D-III hockey and both will join the MCHA next season. That means seven D-III teams, which is the magic number to apply for an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Let’s look at the ramifications of that, should it happen.

  • I say “should” because it’s not a done deal. The MCHA can and will apply for the automatic bid for its champion, but it’s up to the NCAA.
  • An autobid would mean changes for Minnesota-Crookston, the only Division II team in the MCHA. Since leagues typically award their automatic qualifier to their playoff champ, that could mean that Crookston would be prevented from participating in the post season. But our intrepid Division III Editor, Ed Trefzger, found a mention on of Minnesota-Crookston requesting reclassification to Division III for the 2007-2008 season. If approved, that would give the MCHA eight Division III teams.
  • An additional autobid would use up one of the two existing Pool C bids, which would obviously take a slot away from a second place finisher in the NCHA, SUNYAC, NESCAC, etc. It would also virtually award an autobid to the ECAC West, since only those teams would be eligible for the Pool B slot.

Change is constant at the D-III level. We’ll keep you posted on how this situation develops.


  1. what an _ _ _ hole !! ……….to even suggest  in jest at 52-0 [maine vs uah] is disrespectful to all of Div I hockey ………..shame on you !!!!!!!!!!

    • C’mon, lighten up.  I’ve expressed several times in the weekly picks that I’m saddened at the current state of the once-proud Chargers.  I feel for the school and its fans.

      But a lopsided prediction is only realistic when one team in on pace to get an NCAA tournament berth and the other is now 2-26-1 and has been outscored 119-35.

      So I played around with the prediction as a means of having fun with the Maine fans.  Note that in the Saturday prediction, I say, “Okay, so it won’t be 52-0, but it also won’t be close. The Chargers drop to 2-26-1.” I then predict a 5-1 score.

      Any reasonable reader can see that I was really predicting roughly a 5-1 score each night, but was using hyperbole and humor in the process.  Long-time readers may recall that I did much the same thing years ago in an RPI-UNH prediction.

  2. Sorry Flopper, 2nd best offense in the country at home in the Alfond is going to make UAH look like they don’t belong in DI hockey.  And that’s why they are closing up shop this year.

  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Women’s hockey goes further
    than just the NCAA. Teams with players that have even the slightest chance to
    make it to the Olympics will impress you. There is a bigger picture than the
    NCAA trophy in the horizon. With this said, while I would have picked the
    Saints to win I’m not overly surprised by the outcome. It is too soon to tell.
    Some teams barely had any preparation before opening weekend. For OSU & UMD
    I tend not to pick a side this soon because these are teams that lost important
    players and when that happens the current roster can either step up to the
    challenge with what they had learned from the masters or simply collapse
    because they can’t seem to find a way to fill the hole.

    I believe the Badgers have yet to be tested till then I will hold any real
    opinion on them.

    BU has been a long time coming. I’ve been saying that for quite a while. Again,
    the Olympics are coming and this is a team filled with Canadian talent… you
    do the math. Also, they’ve always been a 2nd and 3rd period team.

    As for the Eagles, you have a load of offensive power that lacks of defensive
    skills with a small exception. I’ve been following them for years and as sad as
    this may sound the same defense mistakes have been made ever since. Frustrating
    it must be for a coach. Maybe a different approach should be made? I’ve said this
    for the past few seasons and I’ll say it again, you got to do something about
    your defense!

    Congrats to Penn State, way to open the program. Hopefully
    they’ll accomplish the same with their home opener.

    • Saw both live, Hildebrand was even better on Saturday night. Aside from him, MSU failed to show for the third period on Saturday after controlling much of the after the first 10 minutes of the first period on Friday. I told you we would get one.

  4. Penn State unstoppable with a solidified D? Not a chance as suspect goaltending, a significant drop off from the first two lines to the 3rd & 4th lines (cavernous) and the obsession with the stretch pass (good D’s eat dat shat up) says otherwise. For an older team the defensive discipline is not good.
    Unstoppable my arse. Gophers 16….PSU 10 over 4 games. End of rant:


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