Back to the power play

BU is back on the power play as Gerbe is once again in the box, this time for slashing at 3:44.


  1. As a BU season ticket holder, I can tell you that two other aspects were missing from the Terrier team – solid goalkeeping and crisp passing. For the second straight game, Millan gave up two tallies in the game’s first minutes (tonight on a power play and the second on a long, clear-viewed slapshot) and less than three minutes in, the Terriers were in a deep hole, much like the Brown game last week. And BU’s passing, especially in their own zone, was suspect as well, leading to several turnovers, more than one of which turned into BC goals. If nothing else, the game was a serious wake-up call to the Terriers that they are not playing the way a number-2 nationally ranked team should be playing. Tomorrow’s game at Conte Arena will show if the Terriers are able to bounce back (like they did against UNH) or were they simply overrated in the polls.

    • The second goal was deflected over his shoulder. Nothing he could have done since the shot was hard and changed direction on him.

  2. Hit the nail right on the head, Jim. Fifteen power plays for BU, twenty-three total. Sure, BC’s onslaught was about the only thing impressive about that game but it sure reminded me of a HE game from the mid 1990’s as a Lowell student than was a 2010 HE game is usually.

  3. “No one expected either team, let along the visitors to jump out to a 3–0 lead through one and a 6–1 lead through two.”

    Actually I thought either BU would squeak out a win or BC would win in a blow out. Unfortunately, I was right.

    “And certainly no one expected most of the capacity crowd of 6,150 at BU’s Agganis Arena to be heading for the exits long before the closing buzzer.”

    I was there and I didn’t see “most” of the crowd gone long before the buzzer. Yes, many people left but there was a sizeable crowd there at the end.


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