Second period stats

It’s clear looking at the stats that John Curry was the hero for BU in the second period. BC mustered 13 shots on goal, 10 of those coming from the grade ‘A’ area. Compare that to just two grade ‘A’ attempts for the Terriers among their six shots.

BC attempted 25 shots total, missing the net five times, six being blocked by the BU defense and one shot hitting the post (Gerbe). BU put 16 attempts towards the net, shooting wide four times and six shots blocked by the defense.

We’re five minutes away from the puck dropping on period three in what promises to be a fight to the finish for these two rivals.


  1. “BU is back”…you guys are too funny. BU played noone the first 6 weeks of the season…move aside ugly stepbrother, the real deal flexed its muscles this weekend, which is a prelude to what’s coming in March…On to 3 out of 4, says me out loud, and says Jerry behind closed doors!

    • Try again Eagle Watch. Try watching more hockey instead, unless you really think #16 Wisconsin and #11 Notre Dame are “noone” (one set of “noones” who also hung a loss on your vaunted team). Maybe if your team continues to “flex its muscles”, you might be able to steal a game from Merrimack this year.


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