Third period stats…

BC had 29 attempts on goal during the third period, 13 of them on target, seven blocked by the defense and nine missing the net. BU had 14 attempts with just four getting through to Schneider, one hitting the pipe (Roche), with the defense blocking five and four shots going wide.

BC holds a 35-21 shots on goal advantage heading into the overtime.

Rest is paramount at this point as there are no TV timeouts from here on out. Only intermission will refresh the players’ legs.


  1. It’s so unfair that the NCAA makes the ECAC teams play each other in the regionals like this. Why can’t they pit us against more easy fodder from the WCHA and HE? Would make for a more exciting Frozen Four.


  2. ECAC beat Min. Beat NDakota, beat BC. And now have two teams in the frozen four. You must be watching the basketball tourney. Hockey is the one played on ice.

  3. And they are certainly having a good tourny. It will be interesting to see how Quinnipiac does next year when they lose 12 seniors from the team.


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