Early Departures

Running list of Division I men’s players who have left school before graduating, since the end of the 2006-07 season. “Yr.” indicates the player’s most recent season.

School              Player           Yr.    Status
Alaska              Darcy Campbell         Jr.    Signed with Columbus (NHL)
Alaska              Kyle Greentree         Jr.    Signed with Philadelphia (NHL)
Alaska-Anchorage    Jay Beagle             So.    Signed with Idaho (ECHL)
Bowling Green       Jonathan Matsumoto     Jr.    Signed with Philadelphia (NHL)
Clarkson            Shawn Weller           Jr.    Signed with Ottawa (NHL)
Denver              Ryan Dingle            Jr.    Signed with Anaheim (NHL)
Massachusetts       Jon Quick              So.    Signed with Los Angeles (NHL)
Michigan            Jack Johnson           So.    Signed with Los Angeles (NHL)
Minn.-Duluth        Matt Niskanen          So.    Signed with Dallas (NHL)
Minn.-Duluth        Mason Raymond          So.    Signed with Vancouver (NHL)
Minnesota State     Steve Wagner           Jr.    Signed with St. Louis (NHL)
New Hampshire       Trevor Smith           So.    Signed with New York Islanders (NHL)
RIT                 Steve Pinizzotto       Jr.    Signed with Washington (NHL)
St. Cloud           Andrew Gordon          Jr.    Signed with Washington (NHL)
Union               T.J. Fox               So.    Signed with San Jose (NHL)
Vermont             Torrey Mitchell        Jr.    Signed with San Jose (NHL)
Western Michigan    Mark Letestu           Fr.    Signed with Pittsburgh (NHL)
Wisconsin           Joe Piskula            Jr.    Signed with Los Angeles (NHL)
Wisconsin           Jack Skille            So.    Signed with Chicago (NHL)


Players who have transferred, and will therefore be eligible in Sept. 2008

Name                        To                   From
Dustin Molle*                Alaska               Alaska-Anchorage
Eric Walsky*                 Colorado College     Alaska-Anchorage
Carter Lee*                  Lake Superior        Northeastern
Matt Lundin*                 Mercyhurst           Maine
Grant Farrell*               Merrimack            Mass.-Lowell
Shea Hamilton*               North Dakota         Alaska-Anchorage
Billy Smith*                 Northern Michigan    Alaska-Anchorage
Wes Russell*                 Robert Morris        Quinnipiac
Chris Hepp                   St. Cloud            Air Force
Brent Borgen*                St. Cloud            Minnesota
* -eligible Sept. 07
**-eligible Dec. 07

Coaching Changes

School             New Coach           Old Coach             Reason for Departure
Alaska                                   Tavis MacMillan      Resigned

Bethel              Joel Johnson         Peter Aus            Retired
Cortland                                 Tom Cranfield        Promoted to Asst. AD
Potsdam             Aaron Saul           Glenn Thomaris       Retired
St. Michael's       Chris Davidson       Lou DiMasi           Retired
Southern NH         Ken Hutchins         Rene Leclerc         Resigned

Manhattanville      Lauren McAuliffe     Nicole Hall          Resigned
New England College                      Eddie Ardito         Interim Coach
North Dakota        Brian Idlaski        Dennis Miller        Interim Coach
Potsdam             Jay Green                                 Inaugural Program