And the winner is….

Plattsburgh in a shootout. I’m writing the recap now, so check the D-III page in a bit for a recount of both games.


  1. I’m a Union fan and as you know that means I don’t like RPI all that much, but I do think you do RPI an injustice by having them farther up the ladder, especially after the beating they gave BU last saturday.

    As we soon move into an all-ECAC schedule, who beats Yale? I think they’ll have a tough late January weekend at Union-RPI and may take some “capitol punishment” there.

    • I’m a Yale fan, and it’s true: we at Ingalls have a lot of respect for both RPI and Union. The scores of the first games did not reflect how competitive and hard-fought they were. We haven’t forgotten Union’s near-comeback last season, and we certainly still feel the sting of BOTH losses to RPI. But one of the great pleasures of watching Yale this year is seeing how capable they are of adjusting their style of play from game to game.

      We’ve got targets on our backs now, and the Whining Cold-Hearted A**holes are calling us pretenders to the throne. If we can manage to beat RPI and Union on the road, we’ll have real confidence heading into the NCAA tournament (hope I’m not being presumptuous).

  2. To UnionFan: Perhaps RPI should be higher, but in looking at my last ballot, I had BU at No. 12, and RPI at No. 16. I think that 14/15 are pretty reasonable. Now, if I were looking at last week’s NATIONAL poll, then yes, I would’ve put RPI higher… but I didn’t think the Terriers were a Top-10 team last week, so I didn’t give the Engineers the boost that such a win would’ve commanded.

  3. I too am a Union fan and alum, but I think RPI has played a tougher schedule and probably deserves a higher ranking than Union. It pains me to say it, but I don’t think Union has beaten a quality opponent (other than RPI and it was a 1-1-1 draw with them). Maybe this weekend @ Westen Mich and next in that Minnesota tourney might indicate something, but Union will be w/o Presizniuk. Poor scheduling by Union. Not a single Hockey East team. We’ve run through Atlantic Hockey, but that is not a big deal.


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