What John Harrington is Up To

The former St. John’s coach and Miracle-on-Icer is head coach of Ambri-Piotta in the Nationalliga A. (Swiss Premier League).

Check out the fans with the Che flag, etc. Plenty of shots of Harrington on the bench.

And yes, it’s in Italian. They speak Italian in this part of Switzerland.



  1. You might as well call it the “Colgate Rule” now; I think you’ve used it to justify picking against them for the last 7 games or so.

    Plus, I don’t want a rule named after my school for its futility…as accurate as it is.

    • I completely understand your point of view, but I can’t just rename the rule every time a team outgrows it. (I’m trying to think of a good comparison, but nothing immediately comes to mind.)

      I advise you embrace it instead, and be proud every time someone asks why such an undesirable description is named after such a powerful program. ;)

  2. I like this comment. “Yale proves why the are the top ranked team in the nation” Who are they playing that warrants a comment like this? It might mean a little more if any of there games this year were against top ten opponents or maybe try and schedule one. Just a thought

    • My god…this again? Hey Righty, why don’t you go read ANY of the editorials on USCHO, INCH, CHN, etc…all of which have taken this criticism and rejected it. Even more idiotic is the fact that you come to the ECAC BLOG to bitch about an ECAC team that’s 14 and freaking 1 being in first place.

      I’m done with responding to this idiocy. Until the Bulldogs are no longer #1 in KRACH, PWR, or RPI, all you haters can just SHUT UP.

      • Cant wait to see your team get stomped by worst ranked team come playoffs….. It must be hard playing brown and princeton all time boo hooo Actually Brown has got a tougher schedule! At least they play BU and a couple other legit teams

  3. No mention of the Gophers so I will point out that they have won only twice in the last 7 outings and one of those wins was OT. Few will remember a crummy November if they are still playing in April, but it remains to be seen if they will play up to their billing now that conference action gets underway. The preseason pick gets every opponent fired up, they had better be prepared to play from the start in East Lansing.

    • They will be in the tourney for sure. If they make the frozen four us any bodies guess. To much talent on that team to not make a serious run.

      • So, you’re predicting MN will get things figured out before too long and have a good season.

        And NoDak is ranked #1.

        Usually, in Dec, UND is the team causing everyone to wonder what’s going on, and then in Jan, they pull it together and tear through the schedule all the way to the NCAAs.

        Interesting role reversal.

        • Minnesota is just way to talented not to be there at the end. UND has surprised me a bit. They haven’t had the toughest schedule yet but that will change after this weekend. Sioux are deep like the Gophers. Would love to see both teams in the west regional in Fargo since I have tickets.

  4. There was mention of the Gophers, in the third section of the article, but it was pretty brief and really doesn’t speak much to how they’re playing right now. As a loyal Gopher fan, I really hope they can get their act together. It’s early, they’re young, etc etc., but with the talent they have back from last year’s squad, there shouldn’t be any excuses. I would imagine they drop out of the top five in the rankings this week, I’d be surprised if they didn’t. I don’t care who you are- an 8-4 team that loses to Northeastern shouldn’t be ranked in the top five. It’s true, early games like this mean nothing if you’re playing in April, but these certainly aren’t confidence builders for the Gophs either. I’ll see them this weekend at MSU. Go Gophs!

    • Northeastern’s goalie, Clay Witt makes predicting NU’s games against ranked teams a fool’s errand. Minnesota had plenty of grade A chances on Saturday night. They could not finish against Witt.

  5. I did not get the chance to listen to either MSU game, so can’t really comment. But, I did think the Spartans would sweep Princeton. Just goes to show what thinking can do for you.

    • Attended Friday nights game. Initially there were more Spartan fans, actually a phenomenal Spartan crowd. Princeton must have had a fashionably late arriving crowd, and though Princeton outplayed us to start the game we went up 1-0 on a PP goal. It was downhill from there. We were thoroughly out coached, out hustled, out muscled and outplayed. Could not get the puck out of our zone and though we outshot them there scoring chances were much greater than ours. Utter disappointment! As I was leaving I overheard an old timer saying that the MSU coach should be fired, I interrupted his conversation and asked if he was “The Decatur Hater”? He looked at me as if I had six heads, I laughed and walked to my rental. I love how disciplined and cohesive Princeton played, they made a great decision by bringing in that coach and have the best rink in college ice hockey.

      • Glad to hear you made it there Noke. But your description of the teams play leaves me disappointed in them. Nice story on the “Hater’! I’m sure the old-timer was befuddled! I was hoping to make it to Munn to see the Gophers Friday, but life got in the way.

      • Baker Rink is a great college rink. Perhaps one of the smallest seating layout in D-1. Remarkably, the student body does not pack the building.

        • JCN, that is going to change, your coach will make a difference. Perhaps MSU and Hollis need to reconsider. I have been hard on Decatur for the past two years but perhaps he is/was wiser than I gave him credit for. Can not sell out the Hobie? The youth hockey boys & girls, and especially parents, would enjoy a free ticket…Anastos can sell but can he coach? Decatur, no longer shall I refer to you as “Hater”…

          • Thanks for that Noke.
            I saw my first MSU game at Dem Hall back in the 1970’s. I really started attending in the early 1980’s. I figure I have been to around 500-550 MSU hockey games. And somewhere around 600 College Hockey games combined. But even in Rick Comley’s worst years, I don’t think I have witnessed such an inconsistency in the program as of right now. And now with the Badgers picking up a win (and confidence) and UM starting to play better, I have little hope for this MSU team the remainder of the season. I really want them to do well, but………don’t know if it will happen.

  6. Once again no mention of the Gophers clinching for the B1G the Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge with their victory over BC Friday night. Must only be a big deal if Hockey East wins it like last year.

    • I’m a Gopher die-hard and have been for most of my life, so please don’t read this as bitter and sarcastic as it reads. I suggest that rather than this “must only be a big deal if Hockey East wins”, it’s a poorly executed, last minute marketing ripoff to generate interest in programs that generally already have strong local interest. Then look at it for what it is – 6 teams in the Big 10 vs. 12 teams in Hockey East. Depending on how you want to choose your marquee programs from each league, you’ll get 3 or 4 from each that you can generally count on to be viable, tournament teams at the end of the season (for the sake of arguement, I’ll pick MN, WI, MI for the B1G, and BC, BU, ND, and UML for Hockey East). Statistically, that still stacks the deck in the Big 10’s favor of winning every year. It would also help if generate interest if these leagues would quit losing to ECAC teams in the Frozen Four. I am starting to feel that despite the tradition and championship history of the programs involved, winning this challenge is like cheering because your team won second place.

      • Considering that the B1G teams were stronger last year collectively and lost the challenge, I think it’s at least worth mentioning the results since they are not as strong this year. It may be 6 against 12, but you still have to play the games and nothing is guaranteed as the Gophers found out at Northeastern. Your analogy of winning it is like cheering because your team won second place is a little shallow.


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