UAH seeks spot in CCHA

Alabama-Huntsville is applying for a spot in the CCHA, the Huntsville Times reported today.

At the same time, UAH is expressing some interest in the WCHA, with athletic director Jim Harris telling the newspaper that it will send a “letter of intent” to the WCHA in regard to making an application.

The WCHA briefly opened its doors to interested parties earlier this month, saying it would accept applications through March 31 and consider them — but not necessarily vote on them — at its April 26-28 meetings in Florida.

But, as Harris points out in the Times story, the CCHA makes more sense from an economics standpoint because of travel costs.

Atlantic Hockey will announce sometime (sometime?) that it is adding Niagara and Robert Morris in two seasons, and now we at least have intended targets for the other half of the CHA.

But it’s hard to see the CCHA at 13 teams and the WCHA at 11 teams. Should be an interesting few months in the college hockey landscape.


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