Carroll Making his Case

The plucky backup is up to 27 saves on 29 shots, according to the big board, and is looking remarkably poised. Then again, he’s probably played in front of more fans at practice, so who knows what’s going on in his head.

As I type, he makes another part-beauty, part-lucky stop on both an initial shot and its rebound bid while sliding laterally across his goal line. 3-2 Harvard, 3:15 on the clock in the second period.


    • I too disagree about MSU. It’s hard enough playing on the road, but when that trip ends up in the “thousands of miles from home” category, things don’t generally turn out well.

      Part of me hopes she’s right though, because that would mean a Michigan-Michigan State matchup at Yost, and the students would get to give Comley the “C-ya” chant he so richly deserves.

  1. Agree with your winners of each series. Not sure if two of the 3 will go 3 games. NMU and OSU should win in two games. MSU vs. Alaska depends on scoring for MSU. Can they replace Leveille on the big sheet of ice?

    • Well, T, I thought I looked pretty smart…until the Buckeyes lost that game last night. I think LSSU takes it tonight. Great question about Leveille and the big ice. I wasn’t able to listen online last night, but I will tonight — after I listen to my Fredonia Blue Devils beat the Plattsburgh Cardinals on WCVF FM online. (Okay, so I’ll be going between the Fredonia State game and the two other CCHA games online.)

    • I was thinking the same thing when I was watching last night. The students are on spring break until Monday, but the lack of local support — especially against a Big Ten team, and those teams typically draw at non-Big Ten schools in the CCHA — is appalling. It was excellent playoff hockey until midway in the third, too.

  2. I can’t wait to see North Dakota destroy every team every week all year long…especially the teams from the Big Joke Clump 6 conference who shouldn’t play college hockey because they don’t show their games on TV.

    • C’mon man. CH just doesn’t work that way. Besides, this team is not nearly as talented as last year. UND should have a good year, but I would refrain from wild predictions.


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