End 1

13-10 BC in shots, each team’s converted a 5×3, and the loudest thing in the arena right now is the Zamboni.

Some observational notes: I’m noticing an NU kid holding a “B.U. <3 A-Rod” sign … the Eagles’ band loves Coldplay (see my previous note) … and I’m betting top dollar that there will be projectiles lofted between the adjacent BU and NU fans by the time the night is through.

On the ice, Harvard looks determined to take a win from The Arena Formerly Known as the FleetCenter this year. They’re playing at a more physical pace than they have most of the year, Carroll (quick correction, this is his first-ever start) has 20 minutes under his belt, and the Eagles haven’t looked terribly interested in asserting themselves just yet.

Onto the second!