Fever Pitch

If this were an older building … the old Boston Garden, or even Matthews Arena … the foundation would be disintegrating beneath us. The balcony on our end is positively jammed, with the BU/NU students situated side-by-side as opposed to sitting catty-corner from each other as they have been in many previous matchups.

The lights dropped, the video halo that fronts the deck glimmered and flashed with images of the Boston skyline and the unmistakable Garden marquee. Gold searchlights skimmed the ice, newly added to complement the host Boston Bruins. A video of Beanpot highlights graced the high-def, four-screen board suspended over center ice, and the partial parties roared their support of their representative programs when so featured.

It was futile to try to discern the ageless Jim Prior introductions over the full-throated crowd.

This will be a game to stir the blood, and if there’s any justice, the tilt will be one for the ages.

The teams are ready,

… so let’s play hockey.