Has BU already locked up the number one overall seed?

I won’t proclaim to be the master of the PairWise, but cursory analysis this morning makes me believe that BU may have already locked up the number one overall seed in the NCAA tournament.

Much of this is due to the strongest RPI and a sick, I am talking SICK record against Teams Under Consideration.

The Terriers is 14-3-3 agains TUCs. Add to that the fact that BU was a perfect 9-0-0 outside of Hockey East, anytime there is a comparison of common opponents with WCHA, CCHA and ECAC teams, it’s highly likely that BU will win that criteria as well.

Given the fact that BU can lose no more than two more games (either two quarterfinal losses or one quarterfinal loss and one semifinal or final loss in league playoffs), it seems highly unlikely that any schools can flip their comparison with the Terriers, which virtually locks up a number one seed.

Now many may ask does that guarantee that the Terriers will be playing in Manchester. That is not the case. While the NCAA criteria does state that the number one seed is placed in the closest regional geographically, that stipulation plays second fiddle should the region’s host also be a number one seed – albeit a lower one.

Should UNH sweep Boston College in the Hockey East quarterfinals and then either win or possibly even make the championship game, it could just from its current spot tied for 7th in the PairWise up to fourth (or higher). That would lock up a number one seed for the Wildcats, place them at home in the Northeast Regional and send BU to Bridgeport. Right now, that’s about the only way BU will not be in Manchester come March 20.