No One Said Travel Was Easy

It seems like we hear about one travel-related nightmare around the holidays every year.

This year, it was Yale having quite the adventure trying to get to Madison, Wis., for the Badger Hockey Showdown.

The Bulldogs left New Haven on Thursday but then, according to coach Keith Allain, spent about 3 1/2 hours waiting on the tarmac in New York. By the time they got to Detroit, they had missed their connecting flight to Madison.

The airline’s option was to get the team to Madison on three different flights, something that, needless to say, didn’t go over to well with the Yale brass.

The team eventually got to Madison — split in half on two different flights — before the new year started. Some of its equipment apparently celebrated in Florida, where it was misrouted.

But all’s well that ends well, and the Bulldogs earned a 6-1 victory over Ferris State in Saturday’s opening round of the Showdown.


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