When Nanooks Destroyed the Earth, or When Pregame Graphics Go Too Far

Maybe you’ve seen this already. If you haven’t, it’s worth a look for the production value if nothing else.

Like most schools with a video board, Alaska has an intro sequence that plays before the game. I’m not sure anything I’ve seen tops this in terms of graphics talent, but there are some head-scratching moments here.

I’ll get to those after the video:


So, if I have this correctly, the Nanooks’ polar bear mascot is awakened by The Seawolf, a ship, and emerges from the ice to destroy it. The bear then takes aim at opposing team campuses with bombs from a fighter jet. And, if that wasn’t enough, the bear destroys earth.

Um, yeah.

Again, points for the graphics, but isn’t this just a little over the top? Maybe the polar bear is just getting its revenge for that whole climate change thing.