One Shining Moment

DETROIT – The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has become famous in past years for splicing together a highlight video from the 65-team event that airs prior to the national championship game called, “One Shining Moment.”

During the layoff between the regional tournament and the Frozen Four, the Boston College staff put together a video, not of shining moments from this year’s tournament, but instead of great championship moments from sports history.

From Muhammed Ali’s knockout of Joe Frazier to the 1980 Olympic Team, if there’s been a championship moment, this video had it.

The video, which originally was put together by someone outside of Boston College, was then edited by the staff to include some of Boston College’s great championship moments over the year, such as Krys Kolanos’ national championship overtime game-winning goal in 2001. The two versions were shown to the team, first without the BC highlights and second with the Eagles’ historic moments.

When asked about the video, many of the players had different memories and items they enjoyed. When BC goaltender John Muse was asked about it what he liked most, his answer was pretty strange.

“I liked it because it was pretty short,” said Muse, conjuring up laughter from the media thinking he was referencing a problem with attention deficit disorder.

Muse, though, went on to explain.

“You realize that the great moments in sports don’t happen all the time. There are very few great moments in sports. Being able to put yourself into the DVD is great because you realize that opportunity doesn’t come every day.

“We’re here with an opportunity that may not come again (winning a national championship). We have to put ourselves in the present right now and realize we have such a great opportunity. We have to come ready to go tomorrow and have our best game. Not only tomorrow but throughout the weekend.”