Video: Locker Room Reaction from Wisconsin, RIT

Videos from the postgame open locker rooms after Wisconsin’s 8-1 victory over RIT:

Jordy Murray, Wisconsin


Brendan Smith, Wisconsin


Sean Murphy, RIT



    • Hindsight is…you know. Colorado sweep of Yale were good picks; both games were close and could have gone either way. The ECAC is looking pretty good so far.
      Go Skating Dutchmen!!

      • No problems with the picks. Yale had been inconsistent. But if he had picked them he could have been gloating about how good his picks were last weekend. Now Yale can not screw up against lowly Brown.

        • Agreed. Yale surprised me with that sweep. Looking good. I’ll always have a soft spot for the Bulldogs, my brother is a grad. Me? A UC grad.
          I’ve always wondered if the late Ivy start to the season is an advantage to them in the spring.
          Go Bulldogs!…but be careful calling Brown “lowly” :-)

        • Yale has always found a way to make games against Brown tough. Or is it the other way around? I remember the last couple of years worrying that Yale would draw Brown in the playoffs and we’d see a goaltending performance that made Ken Dryden look like an average collegiate goalie :)

  1. Which teams have been consistently good? I think all, save Providence, have some lingering questions going into the the holiday season, especially the middling teams like BU, Maine and UNH. All three have shown great signs of life, and some pretty bad play.

    • First off, let me get “Yankees suck” out of the way.
      Thank you.

      Second, You are right, except how do you account for BC, which has been inconsistent, being ahead of Providence, at least in win percentage/game in hand?

    • If it wasn’t for some horrendous officiating at Alfond arena we’d all be talking about Lowell going into the break winning 11 of their last 12. The team is still pretty hot by my standards winning 10 of their last 12, and if Bazin has shown anything, it’s that he gets the team to have a better second half than first. Could be scary given their depth this year. But yea, PC has been great as anyone with half a bean expected.

  2. True Maine is still struggling on the road, but this program struggled everywhere the past 6-7 years. Winning consistently at home and finishing .500+ would be an accomplishment for this program, because ultimately, it is the future players who are going to bring this program back to prominence. What is most promising about this season is that the freshman class has some talent. The Brown line can score (their D needs A LOT of work) and they look to be a core of players that Red can build around in the coming years. Most of all the turn-around is going to have the top recruits at least considering Maine and it only takes a few each year to rebuild the program. Hats off to Red, Jay and Ben for a great year so far.


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