CCHA Will Continue Shootouts, Three-Point System

CCHA members have voted to continue using both the shootout to complete tie games for league standings purposes and the three-point-per-game system that goes with it.

The CCHA Council made those decisions this week at a meeting in Dearborn, Mich.

The league became the first in men’s college hockey to adopt the shootout when it was allowed under NCAA rules in 2008.

A year later, it tweaked its standings to award a consistent three points per game — three for a regulation or overtime win, two for a shootout win, one for a shootout loss and none for a regulation or overtime loss.

In the first year of the shootout, games that ended in regulation or overtime were worth a total of two points; games that ended in a shootout saw a total of three points awarded.

Last season, 25 CCHA games went to a shootout. Alaska played in a league-high eight.

Also at its meeting, the CCHA adopted standardized media timeouts for all league games and non-conference games hosted by CCHA teams. Timeouts will be taken at the first whistle with under 14 minutes, 10 minutes and six minutes remaining in each period.

Media timeouts can’t be taken after an icing call, a call for shooting the puck out of play, a goal or during a power-play situation.