About our redesign

Dear USCHO readers,

We’re honored that you come to us for comprehensive college hockey coverage, from our weekly conference columns, to our news stories, to our recaps, and to our statistics, rankings and more.

We hope we’re making your experience better with a series of site improvements that roll out starting today.

You’ll notice a new look to the site, our first major redesign in some time. We hope the content you’re looking for will be easier to find and presented in a cleaner fashion.

We’ve redesigned our stats pages to give you more information without making you change pages.

Our photography will take a step up with the addition of more photo galleries and the ability to view images at a larger size with a click.

And our Fan Forum has a new look, but it’s still the same community-building staple of the site.

At the same time that we’re updating our look, we’re also publishing more content throughout the week to get information to you when it’s most relevant. So you’ll see updates from our talented group of conference columnists more often.

And there’s more to come. Look for more real-time data and more community and social media features on the site soon.

Take a look around the new USCHO.com. Let us know about any site issues at [email protected].

USCHO isn’t the definitive college hockey resource without you, and we hope we make it worth your time to visit the site often.