WCHA Picks Nov. 5

Last week Theresa: 8-2-2
Season Theresa: 22-14-5

Last week Tyler: 7-3-1
Season Tyler – 14-8-1

Friday, November 5 and Saturday, November 6

No. 2 Minnesota-Duluth (6-0-2, 3-0-1 WCHA) at No. 9 North Dakota (4-3-1, 3-1-0 WCHA)
Theresa: This is a tricky, tricky series. The Bulldogs have historically done poorly against the Sioux at the Ralph (UND is 11-1-1 in its last 13 against UMD at home), but the Bulldogs have shown they’re the team to beat in the WCHA. As such, I’m not going to be surprised with a split, but ultimately, I have to call a UMD sweep.

Tyler: This is the spotlight series of the WCHA this week. Minnesota-Duluth’s goal-hungry offense against North Dakota’s depth. The problem is that the Sioux aren’t that deep this weekend. Andrew MacWilliam, Derek Forbort and Carter Rowney are injured for UND and Brad Malone will serve a one-game suspension Friday night.

I also like the way the Bulldogs’ power play stacks up against UND which takes a lot of penalties. UMD comes away with a win but this is the Ralph and the Sioux will pull one out of this weekend too. Split.

No. 15 Wisconsin (5-2-1, 2-1-1 WCHA) at No. 17 Minnesota (5-3-0, 3-3-0 WCHA)
Theresa: We’ve got the real battle of Interstate 94 here this weekend … a rivalry series which means all logic goes out the window as to who’s the better team. Minnesota had a huge weekend last weekend but the Badgers also had a pretty good one. As a result, I’m going to have to say split – UM Friday, UW Saturday.

Tyler: Don’t expect the same offensive explosion out of Minnesota this weekend. Wisconsin will start Scott Gudmandson (2.37 GAA, .917 sv%) and his back-up has some nice numbers through three games (1.00 GAA, .960 sv%) for a Badgers defense that ranks third nationally, allowing 2.38 goals per game.

The Badgers are healthy and the Gophers are ill and banged up. Zach Budish won’t be back any time soon as a result of Monday’s moped accident. Nick Bjugstad and Jake Parentau caught the mono bug. ‘Sconny sweep.

Minnesota State (2-2-4, 2-2-2 WCHA) at No. 8 Nebraska-Omaha (5-1-0, 2-0-0 WCHA)
Theresa: The battle of the Mavericks … the red Mavs have shown other teams they’re not to be messed with this year while the purple Mavs haven’t quite decided what type of team they’ll be. Given UNO’s performance so far this year as well as the fact that they’ll be nice and well-rested off the bye week, I’ve got to go with a Maverick sweep – a UNO Maverick sweep, that is.

Tyler: UNO is playing for respect in its new conference. MSU is trying to stay in the WCHA’s top half before it goes to Denver next weekend and then goes two weeks without playing a league game.

UNO’s offense will be too much for MSU one game but I think MSU can win a low-scoring game the other night. It really doesn’t matter which night. Split.

Colorado College (3-4-1, 1-3-0 WCHA) home and home with No. 13 Denver (3-3-2, 2-1-1 WCHA)
Theresa: I’m leaning two eays here. I’m leaning DU sweep since they’re arguably the better team this season. However, we have to keep in mind that this is a rivalry and “who’s better this season” means nothing. That being said, I’m going to have to go with a split – CC Friday, DU Saturday.

Tyler: CC’s firepower has been reduced to a small flame this season (2.38 goals per game) and Denver, although it appears to be having a rebuilding year, is a much better team. Denver sweep.

Bemidji State (0-3-1, 0-3-1 WCHA) at No. 20 St. Cloud State (3-4-1, 1-1-0 WCHA)
Theresa: The logical choice here would be a St. Cloud sweep, but the Huskies haven’t proven they can put together a whole weekend yet. The Beavers also have yet to prove they belong in the upper part of the league. As a result, I’ve got to go with a split – SCSU Friday, BSU Saturday.

Tyler: Will this be the weekend the Huskies get over the hump and sweep somebody and start to climb back into the WCHA mix? BSU has a bigger hump to get over but ultimately I think SCSU’s speed will be too much for the Beavers. SCSU sweep.