Weekend of Nov. 12-13

My thoughts on this weekend aren’t quite as cohesive as in weeks past, so we’ll go with a marginally different format for this week.

– Both CC and MSU, M have bye weeks next week and both coaches have said this off week couldn’t come at a better time. Understandable, with CC’s inconsistency and MSU’s rough road stretch.

– Speaking of the Tigers, it’s unsurprising that they came out flat on Saturday against Yale. Friday’s Air Force game was about redemption from two years ago and it’s tough to come back from an emotional bout like that.

– Let’s talk Michigan Tech … Good: the Huskies can get the first goal (or two) and get a lead. Bad: they can’t hold it. Ugly: once it’s gone, it’s typically gone for good. I can’t help but wonder if part of Tech’s apparent inability to hold a lead right now is mental. Whether the team starts thinking, “Here we go again,” when the opposing team pulls within one or ties it up. If it is mental, who is to blame? The players, coaching staff, or both? More importantly, how can they fix this?

– Nebraska-Omaha continues to keep on rolling as the only undefeated team in league play.

– SCSU: I’m not saying it, but you’re probably starting to possibly think it too …

– When making the picks for the DU/MSU series this week, I somehow skipped over the fact that the Mavericks haven’t won at Magness since January of 2003. Had I realized that, I wouldn’t have called my DU sweep “ballsy.” That being said, being able to remember some of Mankato’s wins in that building makes me feel old … and older still that they seem more recent than seven years ago.

– Good to see the Seawolves get their first league win.

– Good also to see Bemidji finally get a win in their new building.

– Huge sweep for the Sioux, for a myriad of reasons … one of the biggest being their ability to overcome the penalty trouble they got themselves into on Friday and still get a win in a very tough building.

– Also re: the Sioux: Aaron Dell … causing a goalie controversy or just a goalie duel?

– For UW, I think we were starting to forget that yes, this is still a young Badger team and they are going to go through some growing pains. The team was just making us forget that a little until this weekend.

On a final note … what was up with Craig Smith on Saturday night? Did fans witness Tyler Hirsch part two, Tyler lite?