Men’s poll sees Minnesota-Duluth retain No. 1 ranking

With 49 of a possible 50 first place votes, Minnesota-Duluth remains the top team this week in the Division I Men’s Poll.

Boston University and Yale each garnered 901 votes to share the No. 2 ranking, while Nebraska-Omaha continues to occupy the No. 4 spot.

New Hampshire and Miami flip-flop places this week with UNH moving to the top five.

North Dakota jumps from No. 9 to No. 7, Boston College drops from No. 7 to No. 8, Maine is up a spot from No. 10 and Denver moves two rankings up to round out the top 10.

The bottom ten are all teams ranked last week, including Michigan, now at No. 11 after being the eighth-ranked team a week ago.

Notre Dame falls to No. 12 from No. 11, Union (No. 13) and Alaska (No. 14) remain the same as last week and Wisconsin sits at No. 15 after being one spot lower last week.

Rensselaer is up to No. 16 from No. 17, Minnesota falls to No. 17 from No. 15 and Merrimack (No. 18), Western Michigan (No. 19) and Ferris State (No. 20) all keep their spots of a week ago.


  1. So, North Dakota beats higher ranked Omaha on the road, then loses with less than a second to play the next night, and we drop two spots. Then we beat LOWER seeded Notre Dame and tie the next night, and we GAIN two spots?!! That doesn’t make sense.

    • Sure it does. First, why would you be surprised NoDak dropped 2 when you split, even with a ranked team? That’s pretty much SOP regardless. Look no further than this week’s result… Minny (L/W vs MSt/UM at home) and Mich (T/L vs UW/Minny on road) both dropped roughly the same (2 & 3) after splitting, while DU also moved up 2 while beating softies Lake Supe & AF.

      Second, your team doesn’t play in a vacuum. You have to take into account what the other teams around you do and how they perform. BC lost to Merrimack, and Maine didn’t play, which would largely explain why you moved up 2 spots.

      • NoDak split with Duluth and we moved up, we split with Omaha and move down? No, it does not make sense. There should have been no movement at all. I think these voters are too heavily influenced simply on the W/L and don’t watch the games. If they did, they would see Boston University should not be #2. 1-1-4 in their last 6 is not good. And Yale hasn’t played anyone worthwhile.

        • Ah, I see… let me clarify. I do agree that most of the voting is based solely on W/Ls. I was simply pointing out that based on this criteria (W/Ls) that we’re both keenly aware of (whether we agree or not), these movements do make sense and are easily predictable. Now… whether they’re warranted or not, that’s a different story. And I’m with you there.

  2. Okay, so there are 27 teams on the list and here’s the breakdown:
    WCHA – 8
    CCHA – 6
    ECAC – 6
    HE – 5
    AC – 2

    And the collective records of each conference, thus far:
    WCHA 78-65-23 (.545 win)
    CCHA 75-68-26 (.525 win)
    ECAC 60-54-17 (.526 win)
    HE 47-48-32 (.495 win)
    AC 56-75-21 (.427 win)

    Interesting notes:
    CCHA teams have played the most games on avg. (15.4 per team)
    ECAC teams have played the least games on avg. (10.9 per team)
    HE teams have tied one of every 4 games they’ve played

  3. Hockey East has 6 teams in the top 20 and 5 of those are in the top 10, seems like the strongest conference out there looking at the numbers.

      • The KRACH, which ranks teams objectively based on actual statistics. Personal opinion can’t manipulate these rankings as we see in the USCHO or USA Today poll (keyword – poll). As far as schedule strength goes, the WCHA has 6 teams inside the top 10 (#s 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10) whereas HE has 1 (BU at 8). Addionally, as far as KRACH rating goes, there are 6 WCHA teams in the top 15 (#s 1, 3, 4, 9, 12, 13) whereas HE has 4 (#s 5, 6, 10, 14). Taking these number into account, and noting that teams within the same conference generally play each other more often than teams outside of their conference, it would be hard to argue against the WCHA being the toughest conference. However, I expect you to.

        Note that UMD got all but one of the first place votes last week – the one lone vote they didn’t get came from a member of the USCHO voting poll – a HE based member.


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