Weekend wrap up 12/13

As we wind down towards the holiday break, games are getting scarce. There were just four league games played last weekend, with RIT picking up four points in a sweep of Mercyhurst, and Army and Connecticut getting wins in single game affairs.

RIT continued its dominance of Mercyhurst in Erie, expended its unbeaten streak to eight games with a pair of 4-2 wins. Both games were tied at two each going into the third period before the Tigers pulled away. Click on the links to see the box score fromFriday and Saturday.

On Friday, Army picked up its fifth win of the season with a 3-1 win over Bentley, but fell at Union on Saturday.

Sacred Heart’s woes continued, with a pair of blowout losses, first in AHA play to Connecticut and then to Clarkson.

Robert Morris had a successful trip to Alabama, sweeping former CHA rival UAH in a pair of close games, 4-3 and 2-1.

Niagara picked up another non-conference win for the HAA, defeating Colgate 4-3 in overtime, while AIC fell to Union 8-1.

How’d I do?

I had my best week of the season, going 8-1. Guest Analyst Ed Keller also had a good week, going 6-3. I’ve now won the last four matchups in a row and move to 5-4 on the season against my guests.


  1. Will all 6 BTHC teams actually participate in 3 conference series on the same weekend at some point this season? Getting conference play going is like my truck started on one of these minus 30 degree “global warming” mornings! And Paula, I’m in your corner, shootouts are an insult to my favorite sport.

  2. Shootouts are dumb period. I understand the need in professional hockey to generate interest in the sport to generate more money for owners and players, but at the colege level it is a travesty!!!!!! Additionally, since the game still officially ended in a tie, what is the point??? Not to mention that the loser still earns points, what for losing????? Shootouts need to be eliminated from college hockey immediately. Total agreement with Paula on this topic.

  3. Couldn’t agree more about shootouts. Imagine if baseball games were settled by a home run derby. Maybe they should use punt pass and kick to decide football games? Or a free throw contest for basketball? No more ridiculous than shootouts deciding hockey games.
    In addition, the three points per game system is flawed and potentially disastrous. This example is obviously an extreme one and won’t ever happen, but any system that allows such a POSSIBILITY should be scrapped… Imagine TeamA ties all 20 league games but has a great shootout goalie and wins all the shootouts. In the old 2 pts/game system they had a .500 record and half the available points. In the current system they have a .500 record and 2/3 the available points(40/60). Let’s say TeamB had a record of 11-5-4, the 4 being the Shoot Out Losses against A, of course. They would have only 37 points. So the standings would have a TeamB with a .650 record behind a .500 TeamA that had not won a single regulation game.
    As I said, that example is extreme, but there are many other combinations that could have administrators, coaches, players, and fans going insane by the end of the current or some future season. As long as the Badgers aren’t involved, I hope the league championship is decided by a point won in a shootout so we can possibly? have ADs calling for a return to a system that makes sense. Or maybe they don’t care about what is right or fair, in which case we will continue on with more of the same…

    • I would say that IF you’re going to use the shootout to award an extra point to a team after a tie (which is a concept I hate), the three point game system is more fair than the 2+1 system utilized in the NHL.

      In the NHL system, that third point arizes mysteriously out of the ether once a game finishes regulation time as a tie, which artificially (in my opinion) clogs up the middle of the standings (which is the intent: to make the playoff race more interesting by creating more bubble teams, thereby keeping up attendance and viewership).

      In the current B1G system, three points are being awarded after each game, no matter what. This rewards a teams for winning in regulation by awarding them that third point. This system makes winning in regulation more important than simply surviving regulation time.
      Still, as I stated above, I hate the three point game concept. I prefer the 2 point win, 1 point tie, and 0 points loss, be it in regulation or OT. Maybe I’m old fashioned.


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