SUNYAC Wrapup: January 10

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Last week, I said if I had to pick an upset special, it would be Fredonia over Elmira. Well, I should have picked Fredonia beating Hobart as the upset special.
After Hobart won six in a row, including ending Oswego’s undefeated season, they came into Steele Hall and ran up against a typical stifling Fredonia defense and strong goaltending in Mark Friesen. Fredonia only allowed Hobart 26 shots on goal, and Friesen turned away 23 of them, as the Blue Devils won, 5-3.
The game wasn’t safe for Fredonia until nine seconds remained, when Jordan Oye scored his second of the night into an empty net.
Chris de Bruyn gave Fredonia a 1-0 first period lead. Hobart tied it in the second. Oye’s first goal, on a power play midway through the second, gave the Blue Devils the lead again, only to be tied up a couple of minutes later. Less than two minutes after that, Mat Hehr put Fredonia back in front.
Steve Rizer got a power-play goal at 13:35 of the final period, but that wasn’t safe enough. While on the power play, Hobart pulled their goalie and converted with 56 seconds left to make it 4-3. Then Oye finally put the game away.
Will Fredonia be able to do it again Tuesday night at Elmira in my original upset special?
Offensive Explosion
Before this past weekend, Brockport averaged less than 2.4 goals per game. Then, they hosted Western New England College, who have improved but still have a ways to go. The Golden Eagles lit up the red light, scoring 17 times, in 9-6 and 8-3 victories. They outshot the opposition, 52-27 and 58-27, respectively.
Ian Finnerty had a field day in the first game, scoring two goals and four assists. Bobby Conner and Chris Cangro also had two goals apiece, as Tom Galiani and James Cody also had four assists apiece. Joe Reagan started the game and made 19 saves before giving way to Jeremy Rossignolo for the last nine minutes with the score at 8-3. Rossignolo let in three goals on five shots before Brockport locked the game down with the last goal.
The next day, Cody got a hat trick as well as an assist. Finnerty picked up another two assists. Reagan went the whole way in net, making 24 saves. Brockport opened up a 4-0 lead after the first period and never looked back.
Wild Affair
Buffalo State played a wild game against Adrian. The Bengals took 2-0 (both goals by Trevor McKinney) and 5-2 leads before Adrian came roaring back with five goals for a 7-5 win. The goals came in bursts. Three goals in the second period came within 30 seconds, with the first two coming eight seconds apart. Three goals in the third period came in a 1:02 span, with the first two coming within nine seconds.
“Our defensemen played simple,” Buffalo State coach Nick Carriere said of the strong start. “They kept things in front of them. They chipped pucks off the glass when they didn’t have options readily available to them. We got a couple of fortunate goals by just throwing pucks at the net, competing for them, and got rewarded for that. We’re that type of team. And when we get away from that, that’s when things don’t go our way.”
Then, he describes what happened in the third period.
“You name it. Whatever situation you need to come up with and donate to the opposition. The defensemen put it on their tape and started sending guys on breakaways. Got away from a lot of things. Goaltending, defensemen, all the way up to our forwards not taking care of spots.”
Other Highlights
– Ever since Oswego lost two in a row, letting up five goals in each game, the Lakers have let up just one goal in their last three. This past week, they shutout Skidmore, 2-0, with a goal in the first and third, and then did the same to Curry, 3-0, with all the scoring in the second period. Dan Jones was in net for the first shutout, making 25 saves, and Andrew Hare stopped all 17 shots he faced for the second shutout.
– Geneseo had no trouble against Franklin Pierce, sweeping the Ravens, 8-2 and 5-1. Eight different players got a goal in the first game, with Rich Manley leading the scoring with a goal and three assists. Manley scored two goals and two assists in the second game as Zachary Vit scored twice with three assists and Jonathan Redlick got for assists.
– There were two ties, each involving the North Country teams. Plattsburgh, after an impressive 7-4 win over Norwich early last week, tied Elmira, 2-2. Each time the Cardinals took the lead (once in the second, again in the third), Elmira tied it up. The final goal came with an extra attacker at 18:39. Potsdam also took 1-0 and 2-1 leads over their opponent, Neumann. Neumann took a 3-2 lead going into the third before Mike Arnold tied it at 7:23 on the power play.
SUNYAC Players of the Week (selected by the conference)
None released at time of posting.


  1. Tough to think that Lowell doesn’t make it as the Pairwise computers may need to be tweeked. Is the NCHC that strong that they get 6 teams in, one that is barely over .500? Time will tell. If that conference only gets 1 team in the Frozen Four you have to wonder.
    Having BC and BU in the same region seems to F up the chance of more than 1 HE team in the FF. Western fans are always whining about the brackets, but that one makes no sense. PC doesn’t have a great following so moving them is OK except for the fact that hardly any team would have to travel if a region was in their back yard. UNH never had to leave Manchester when it was there. That being said UND should worry about Jon Gillies in net for PC as they would get screwed by that match up if it happens.
    Here is an idea going forward: Have 14 teams picked by the computers and then have 4 teams ( picked by humans ) having a play-in series to get the right to be a part of the ‘sweet 16’. This way an Atlantic Hockey team that is weak would have to prove itself against a Michigan or Lowell before they play in the Regionals.
    Just a thought.

    • NBCSN showed Lowell’s poor end to the season and that was just enough to make it a bubble team. I have seen my Terriers be ranked number one in the country in mid January and not make the tournament. I do not recall the year, but I do know BC won the Beanpot, which was the start of the decline.
      In 2013, Jack Parker’s final season, Lowell eliminated BU in the Hockey East final. It is just a wheel of karma. Every year, there will be that team that does not make it. Two years ago, the last team in the tournament won it all.

      • That 2-7-1 stretch in Jan-Feb really did them in. They were outside the top 16 when the HEA tournament started. Colgate reaching the ECAC final was probably the dagger in the PWR. UML had to pretty much win the HEA title to get in.

    • The short answer about the NCHC being good enough to deserve 6 teams is, no, they’re probably not. But it does have enough good teams so that the losses look better. St. Cloud State has 18 losses. 18. They’re only 1 game above .500. However, the inflated NCHC strength of schedule helps them because now those losses inside the conference don’t hurt as much and the wins they have in conference look even better. Is it fair, no. It’s basically the BCS. And we all know how well that worked.

    • Then you just don’t understand how the PWR works and trying to explain it would take too long. The bottom line is this, scsu played a much harder schedule and that makes a lot of the difference.

      • Its true. Bowling Green and St Cloud both knew going into the weekend that they would have to each win at least one game. The Huskies did that and the Falcons did not.

  2. I’ve predicated this twice before and in both years got burned badly… I’m calling this Miami’s year. No better time to step up to finally win the big one., and prove the naysayers (like me) wrong… The field is wide open. Red Hawks have the goalie, and are on an end of the year run.

    • You could be right but it will be all about which teams goalie plays better for the next four games. There are a number of teams that have legit shots, Miami included. I know that UND was awful this weekend but hopefully that is out of their system and they get providence a team they can beat first round and if McIntyre can play to his potential I thik that UND has a chance as well but so does bu, mn, du, the list goes on and on. I really don’t see a favorite at all this year.

      • Agreed… Like I said, wide open! I think you questioned me a few weeks ago when I said Miami was overrated. They just have a long history of blowing it at this time of year after coming in with tons of creditionals. CCHA champion, #1 or #2 ranking, etc. Last year they were predicted to win NCHC, and finished last. So, I’m calling them and Blasi to the mat. I really think this is their best opportunity.
        They played real well down the stretch, beating DU, UND, St Cloud, and “won” the NCHC. They have a good team… No better year to take advantage of a wide open field.
        That said, I’m not holding my breath… It won’t surprise if I’m dead wrong.

  3. First, thank younJason for your fine work every year. The pairwise rankings, your analysis and at the near the end of the season, your excellent what if discussions, make the process the committee uses nearly transparent.
    Second, thank goodness we do not have a UNH/Manchester AND a Yale/Bridgeport host conundrum.
    I like the bracket, and as a BU alum and current student who watches the Terriers every time they are broadcast, let me say this. Every time BU is a first band team, we end up in Northeast/East, staring down a Hockey East foe in a potential regional final. There is no problem with that, it makes for a great audience in person if that comes to pass. Even with the final at TD, it does not matter when we play BC in the tournament, if we do, it will be a great game, just like a Minnesota/North Dakota or Michigan/Michigan State game.
    Not every year is BU beating BC at the Beanpot final, again at Hockey East/ECAC finals and once more for the NCAA at the Garden/Providence Civic Center. I would be fine with a sixth national title.

  4. Just because Brown is the host for the Providence regional instead of Providence seems to me a technicality that should be ignored. Yale is always a host at Bridgeport so this is a chance for them to go west for a change. Ironically, it was Harvard’s wins in the ECACs that ultimately got them in. The whole host school thing seems unfair to schools that are far away from big enough rinks and can never be a host school.

  5. Imagine that, North Dakota and Minnesota in the same bracket again….. Why not just declare it, at the beginning of the year…

    • Minnesota is in BU’s regional. They play Minnesota-Duluth. The winner plays the winner of BU-Yale. This is the Northeast Regional.
      The winner of the Northeast regional will play the winner of the West Regional, where North Dakota is the number one seed in one of the Frozen Four semi-finals.
      It is possible that Minnesota plays North Dakota, but not in the first round. As a BU fan, I hope Minnesota does not make it out of Manchester and BU plays whoever wins the West Regional.

    • Providence is a tough draw because of Gillies, not because of being home. I am shocked they didn’t send them to Fargo though and have QU or Yale in Providence as they would draw just as well and have better bracket integrity.

      • Better than no draw. Obvious they were going to be at home if they were in, and most likely versus the worst 1 seed to avoid punishing a higher 1 by making them play a road game.
        So you recognized that Providence isn’t a big draw, but then didn’t put BC and BU in separate regionals? Another fail.

  6. I really don’t understand what the committee was thinking this year. The Midwest stuck with the 1v16/8v9 seeding line. Fine start. But then they throw that out by putting Providence (#15) into the East regional with #4 MIami, instead of keeping either Quinnipiac or Yale.
    TL;DR: NCAA needs to stop ignoring their procedures when it suits them.

    • Clearly they think Providence is more important to the attendance in Providence than Quinnipiac or Yale. It’s just that most of us think that’s an incorrect assumption.

      • Probably because having to host and have your team at separate sites is a complete nightmare and completely stupid.
        Then Miami gets them because to give a higher #1 seed a road game would be ridiculous. How I thought it always would be.
        USCHO got it wrong this year, and I said so about two iterations of the bracket ago.

        • Providence has nothing to do with hosting this year. Please stop saying it. Their staff has nothing to do with the tourney this year.

          • Obviously the committee thought of them as a home team. That’s my point. Would be stupid to have a team out west when there’s a regional in their home city, no matter who’s SID is doing the stats.

        • Colgate is the “host” team in Providence. Don’t take my word for it, just look it up. Providence will not bring many fans, Boston College will have majority support.

          • Actually technically it’s Brown, but obviously the committee though of Providence as a home team.

  7. Committee moved Providence where they were always going to go, and then gave UND the next worst of 13-16 after RIT.
    Committee basically chose to move BC for attendance reasons rather than Harvard. Obvious. They didn’t care about moving teams back east that don’t draw, and they shouldn’t have.

    • Except you disproved your own argument. If they didn’t care about moving teams back east that don’t draw, they wouldn’t have moved Providence.

          • Providence is in the Providence regional, as it should be. Live with it. Committee obviously agrees with me that it would be stupid to send a team out of their home regional.

          • We’ll go over this again, slower this time because you missed it the first time. I d o n ‘ t c a r e w h e r e P r o v i d e n c e p l a y s… My only point was you sacrificed more bracket integrity and made a more difficult (potentially) region for a #1 seed and will see little or absolutely no benefit by doing so. When Yale and QU were in the Regional Final a couple years ago, they drew well. Many traveled the 90 minutes and the locals will go either way, as they really could care less about PC hockey, so they just go because the games are in town.

          • Prove it. The worst 1 seed got sent to Providence. That’s as it should be. The NCAA typically favors keeping teams close to regionals where it can. Your assessment and their assessment of benefit may differ, and I know which one matters more.

          • You know? Wow, you are smarter than I gave you credit for. The normal bracket would be 4/5 and 12/13. 5 or 12 would have to be moved, but no reason to move 13, which is Yale and only a 90 minute drive. A #15 (last at large birth) team should not be rewarded by playing at home. And honestly, I could care less where Providence is. I am looking forward to the tourney and will be in Manchester. Love those match ups. So, let’s get this ting going on the ice!

          • You could do worse. AFR knows what he is talking about. BC will be the fan “draw” in Providence, not PC. There might be some more locals there now, with PC out of NCAABB tourney.

          • From your mouth to God’s ears. This will be tough, DU playing in front of hostile crowd. We played them early in season at DU, split with both games ending 2-1. Nice to have BC and/or BU on our schedule every year. Always helps SOS and gives good indication of your year. Lots of respect on my end for both.

          • Definitely won’t be easy, but BC has struggled a bit more than they are used to, especially down the stretch,and scoring goals. Always good match ups with the NCHC combining and being so strong vs. Hockey East.

          • Look at the bracket. Committee obviously thought of Providence as a home draw. Live with it.

          • I could care less, get the facts straight before you talk and don’t contradict yourself.

          • Tournament was bracketed exactly as I would have expected. I don’t have to contradict myself. Maybe I should write this column next year. This is so much easier than basketball or baseball bracketology.

          • I’ll be looking forward to reading your columns. Hope your resume is up to date and you know the host teams ahead of time. You may not have to contradict yourself, but you did. I like the way it’s bracketed, I would have had PC in Fargo and QU in Providence.

          • If you read the earlier comments, I’m far from the only one that was barking up this tree.
            The committee saw Providence as “home”. That is obvious. That you didn’t see it that way really doesn’t mean jack crap.
            I wish Providence was going to Fargo because they looked like crap in Grand Forks. But the committee was only ever going to go one way.

          • It doesn’t surprise me that they did it this way, at all. If you read earlier comments, I’m far from the only one that thinks PC doesn’t help attendance. I think the draw would have been better with QU and it would have kept integrity, which they stress… until they change their minds.

          • Yeah, if I was a QU fan I’d be pissed that I got tossed out west in favor of a lower overall seed. That said, they were technically tied with Providence in the PWR (even though QU wins the tiebreaker over PC).

          • From what I can tell as long as they keep each team in the same 4 team bloc, they’ll pretty much do what makes sense to bring in fans and avoid conference matchups. They didn’t switch UMD and UMN, for example, because it’s not a league game.

          • But as bracketed, UMN really should have been in UND’s bracket. So, this year, after all of the abuse they have taken about putting them together in the past, for no real reason, they moved them. I am happy that game is in Manchester, as I am looking forward to being there. BC should be playing UMD and if the committee had so much faith in PC fans coming, they should have left the integrity alone. Obviously they didn’t because they made unnecessary moves.

          • Because the reasoning makes no sense. If you think you need more attendance in Providence, then have BC go and ship out Providence. Otherwise, leave the rest alone if you’re keeping PC home.

          • It is easier, but it’s also only 16 teams, and any number of websites has the ranking system that determines what those 16 teams are.

          • No disagreement here. That’s why I said it. 64 teams is almost impossible. 16 teams, not so much. At least we don’t have to read Moy’s crowing about never having gotten it wrong before, because sure did this year.

          • I’m actually surprised it was so far off. It seemed like most of the issues with intra-conference matchups worked themselves out. I had the same matchups as him, except I had a feeling they would move BC to Providence for attendance. I just didn’t think they’d worry about moving Providence, too. The last few weeks though it’s been crazy how much maneuvering had to be done.

          • I thought it was obvious that they would. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a team that was in a tournament being moved out of a regional at their home location. Really don’t think Quin or Yale would have drawn as many traveling fans as Providence would have in their home town for a regional game. I guess we’ll find out part of the answer, anyway.

          • We certainly will. I can’t think of a specific scenario where a team was moved away from their home regional either, but that’s because usually if it’s in your hometown, you’re the host. There aren’t many situations where a hometown with an arena appropriate to hosting has two Div I hockey schools. Honestly, the only place I can think of it happening is Providence.

          • Happens in lower divisions. D-I hoop it’s not so much a priority because the whole thing makes so much money.

          • Providence sold out 2 games all season in an arena that’s barely 3,000 people. It doesn’t take a genius to see that they’re not a big attendance draw.

          • Also doesn’t take a genius to see that some is better than none.
            Providence and BC will draw in that regional better than Harvard and Yale. The committee got it right. USCHO, and apparently you dopes, didn’t.

          • Yes, but the point is they wouldn’t necessarily bring any more people than Yale or Quinnipiac, and you’d have better bracket integrity. I understand why they did it, I just think it was pointless.

  8. Surprised they didn’t swap Harvard and Minnesota? South Bend might be the biiggest yawner I can remember. Swapping those teams puts Harvard back East and draws the Gophers fans who could drive it.

    • Yes very odd they didn’t make that change. I bet they will regret it with attendence in south bend. Plus that is switching 9 and 10 which is nothing and you get the inter state rivalry thing. They really set this up for the top seed to have an easy path.

  9. Why does Miami get screwed yet again by being a “seeded” team whose opponent get a home game? Happened a few years ago too….they got sent to Manchester NH to play New Hampshire as “seeded” team. Someone must have it out for them

    • When you are the last one seed, there are no other options of where to be placed. They needed to be one of the top two one seeds to not have to go out east.


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