Glass explains his BU dismissal

After being abrubtly cut from the Boston University squad earlier this month, junior forward Andrew Glass gave his side of the story to the Boston Hockey Blog.

BU coach Jack Parker said he dismissed Glass for violating team rules, but Glass rebuffs that, saying he missed two meetings and missed a pre-holiday practice, later changed to a workout, due to a final exam.

“By NCAA rules,” Glass told the blog, an extension of the school’s Daily Free Press, “a team cannot have organized practices or workouts during exam week and based upon the past two years, if you had conflicts, you completed the workouts on your own time. Not only was I studying in the library, but I came right afterwards around 3:30 to workout.

“I was the only player on the team to have a final exam the next day, and because the team was in New York for the majority of the weekend, I had little time to study. Nonetheless, I figured that taking care of my academics was something I shouldn’t have to explain, let alone get punished for.”

Glass’ locker was later emptied with no explanation give, he told the blog. He brought his father to meet with Parker and was told that the dismissal stood.

“The reason for Andrew’s suspension made no sense to me,” Michael Glass told the blog. “When Parker finally set up a meeting with us, I asked Andrew several times if there was going to be a bomb dropped on me regarding some other incident and Andrew insisted there were no other such issues. During our meeting, it became quite clear that Parker wasn’t even sure of the details himself as to why Andrew missed the optional workout and he definitely didn’t care what Andrew had to say.

“Parker mentioned that there were ‘other issues’ and for several minutes I listened to an irrational monologue from Parker about a written exercise last spring in which the players rated themselves and their teammates. Parker was very upset that Andrew rated himself higher than he thought he should have. This was the only specific ‘bunch of things’ that Parker brought up. If Andrew is guilty of anything, it’s that he believed in himself and wanted to play a bigger role on the team.”

Glass told the blog he will remain at BU for this semester and take some classes over the summer to graduate early. He said he plans on continuing his hockey career next season, but that he is not sure where he will play.