Maine’s Diamond suspended one game

Hockey East suspended Maine sophomore forward Joey Diamond for Friday night’s game at New Hampshire.

The league said the suspension was levied after a review of contact with Boston University goaltender Kieran Millan in last Friday’s game at Alfond Arena.


  1. Bertagna sucks.

    This has Jack Parker written all over it…… it league plicy to hand down suspensions 1 week after the fact……..or only if opposing coaches complain loud enough???

  2. Anything that the officiating crew from last weekends Maine vs. BU series issued out on either team was horrible. Benedetto and Millea should be suspended.

  3. I think Benedetto had some $$ on BU based on what I saw. How about this call: 3 on 1, coming towards Milan from behind the net and across the BU crease with all 3 BU players literally hanging on him = a ROUGHING CALL on Gustav Niquist (Maine). WTF….

  4. HEA needs to overhaul their officiating. The head of officiating is Dick DiCaprio (I probably spelt that wrong), he played at BU, guess who his senior year captain was…. that’s right; Jack Parker!!!! I’ve heard that they even played on the same line (but ive seen no proof of this). Look it up in any hockey stats database, Jack Parker was the team captain of Hockey East’s head of officiating!!!!! This fact is even joked about occasionally on BU’s campus (or it used to be 3 years ago). When I was there, hockey fans in the dog pound boasted about how they had inside men in HE’s offices; they were talking about Mr. DiCaprio.

    How can the HEA allow this (even if it was benign, which it isn’t, it just delegitimizes the whole league to have a close personal friend of a coach run the officiating)….. now its no surprise that Jack Parker gets tons of unsportsmanlike penalties called on him when games are refed by non HEA officials and gets NONE in Hockey East.


    Fire the old cantankerous fool and his cronies in the league offices.

    -BU Alum ’07

  5. To whomever was at that game and/or witnessed it! To be fair, the BU player that had a Maine player up on the boards in a headlock and he got NO penalty nor did BU for ANY of the nasty playing they did. SOME kind of system should be in place to somehow penalize outright prejudice by officials. This was blatently obvious! Friends of mine heard BU fans laughing about how great the officials were “to have overlooked so many BU plays that should have resulted in penalties”. SO MANY!!?? I only heard of two such wxamples, but another BU fan was overheard to say “next time our backs are against the wall we need to make SURE these same ofgicials are at the game!! Pretty disgusting!! :(


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