WCHA postseason awards

Given the new Final Five format, the league decided to forgo its annual awards banquet where it typically announces all of the awards. As a result, we have them now. Therefore, random Thursday blog post!

WCHA Player of the Year
Matt Frattin, UND

WCHA Outstanding Student-Athlete of the Year
Chay Genoway, UND

WCHA Defensive Player of the Year
Justin Schultz, UW

WCHA Rookie of the Year
Jason Zucker, DU

WCHA Scoring Champion
Matt Frattin, UND

WCHA Goaltending Champion
Aaron Dell, UND

WCHA Coach of the Year
Dean Blais, UNO

All-WCHA First Team
F – Matt Frattin, UND
F – Jack Connolly, UMD
F – Mike Connolly, UMD
D – Justin Schultz, UW
D – Chay Genoway, UND
G - Aaron Dell, UND

All-WCHA Second Team
F – Jason Zucker, DU
F – Drew Shore, DU
F – Justin Fontaine, UMD
D – Jake Gardiner, UW
D – Matt Donovan, DU
G – Kent Patterson, UM

All-WCHA Third Team
F – Jason Gregoire, UND
F – Jaden Schwartz, CC
F – Drew LeBlanc, SCSU
D – Kurt Davis, MSU
D - Justin Faulk, UMD
G – John Faulkner, UNO

All-WCHA Rookie Team
F – Jason Zucker, DU
F – Jaden Schwartz, CC
F – J.T. Brown, UMD
D – Justin Faulk, UMD
D – David Makowski, DU
G – Sam Brittain, DU

There were also 140 players named to the All-WCHA Academic Team … listed below by school.

UAA – Chris Crowell, Alex Gellart, Dusan Sidor, Luka Vidmar, Scott Warner
BSU – Ryan Adams, Jake Areshenko, Dan Bakala, Emil Billberg, Travis Bosch, Matt Carlson, Ryan Cramer, Mathieu Dugas, Darcy Findlay, Drew Fisher, Matt Hartmann, Brad Hunt, Ben Kinne, Ian Lowe, Dan MacIntyre, Jamie MacQueen, Aaron McLeod, Brance Orban, Matt Read, Brady Wacker, Shea Walters
CC – Ted Behrend, Art Bidwill, David Civitarese, Gabe Guentzel, Tim Hall, Andrew Hamburg, Joe Howe, Ryan Lowery, Tyler O’Brien, Scott Winkler
DU – David Carle, Jon Cook, Nate Dewhurst, Matt Donovan, Dustin Jackson, John Lee, Anthony Maiani, Jesse Martin, Chris Nutini, Kyle Ostrow, Shawn Ostrow, Paul Phillips, Josh Rosenholtz, John Ryder, Luke Salazar, Drew Shore
MTU – Jordan Baker, Corson Cramer, Kevin Genoe, Peter Heinonen, Mikael Lickteig, Alex MacLeod, Brett Olson, Josh Robinson, Bennett Royer
UM – Jay Barriball, Zach Budish, Jacob Cepis, Cade Fairchild, Mike Hoeffel, Jake Kremer, Nick Larson, Taylor Matson, Joe Miller, Aaron Ness, Kent Patterson, Nico Sacchetti
UMD – Wade Bergman, Jack Connolly, Aaron Crandall, Dan DeLisle, Keegan Flaherty, Justin Fontaine, David Grun, Chad Huttel, Kenny Reiter, Kyle Schmidt
MSU – Channing Boe, Phil Cook, Cameron Cooper, Tyler Elbrecht, Rylan Galiardi, Eriah Hayes, Justin Jokinen, Austin Lee, Evan Mosey, Adam Mueller, Brett Peterson, Andrew Sackrison, Joe Schiller, Ben Youds
UNO – Fredrik Bergman, Terry Broadhurst, Kyle Ensign, John Faulkner, Joey Martin, Eric Olimb, Rich Purslow, Pasko Skarica, Matt Smith, Nick Von Bokern
UND – Ben Blood, Brett Bruneteau, Brent Davidson, Brad Eidsness, Matt Frattin, Chay Genoway, Jason Gregoire, Brett Hextall, Ryan Hill, Mario Lamoureux, Derrick LaPoint, Andrew MacWilliam, Brad Malone, Tate Maris, Jake Marto, Carter Rowney
SCSU – Brett Barta, Jordy Christian, Jared Festler, Ben Hanowski, Oliver Lauridsen, Drew LeBlanc, Mike Lee, Aaron Marvin, Travis Novak, Nick Oslund, Nicolas Rioux, Garrett Roe, Brian Volpei, Sam Zabkowicz
UW – Ryan Little, Eric Springer, Mitch Thompson


  1. Goals against average should not be the only criteria for goalies. Save percentage is much more important. Goalies for lesser teams see more shots and a save % means they are keeping their teams in games. Patterson is the main reason Minnesota still has a chance to make the NCAA tournament. Dell played for a much superior team and faced fewer shots. ND’s defense is great headed by Genoway.
    I don’t see any Mn defense on any of the three All-WCHA teams. Mn.’s was porous early on.Patterson deserves the All-WCHA nod.

    • Yeah, your right the sioux are better. #1 WCHA and NCAA and thats because Dell is better than Patterson. It’s not about save percentage, its about make the saves when they count the most and he’s way better in clutch situations.

    • I like the theory, but the trouble with save % is that it doesn’t account for shot difficulty. Not all scoring chances are created equal. I’d rather have a goalie stop 27/30, if say 15 of those were high quality chances, than stop 39/40 on low quality chances. GAA isn’t perfect, but it helps create a clearer picture.

  2. Gophers/SCSU match up will be a good one. It is always crazy in St. Cloud and will be all the more so tonight being Halloween. Motzko did very well against the Gophers when he first went to St. Cloud, so we’ll it was like he knew the Gophers better than Lucia did, but the tables have turned recently and I hope that continues tonight. These are always highly contested games. BTW, Motzko and Lucia remain great friends and talk at least once a week. I like the blog picks other than Paula ‘ lack of commentation on the Gophers despite my challenge to her last week. All I am able to conclude from this is that either she doesn’t care enough about her readers to read the comments on her blog or the challenge was much too difficult to undertake for her. Very disappointing in either case.

  3. At Munn: FSU 3-1 Friday and 2-0 Saturday. MSU begins the season 1-5. And if I’m wrong and MSU manages to win one, well………I won’t criticize Anastos for at least 24 hours.

  4. What I learned this weekend:
    1) Paula and Drew have a LOT to learn about Minnesota in-state rivalries (however, I would also extend that to border battles with UND and UW). Ratings mean less than venue and readiness/heart.
    2) SCSU and UMN have excellent hockey teams (well, okay, I already knew this)–I’ll be surprised if one of these teams does NOT make the NCAA tourney.
    3) Failure to contain Justin Kloos at your own peril.

  5. Does anybody know what happened to Tucker Poolman? I don’t think he’s playing as well as he played earlier this season. I think that’s one of the reasons North Dekota lost last weekend.


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