My bracket prediction, 3/12

WMU, Dartmouth and CC are all back in, thanks to wins by all those teams.

You see how volatile it is now.  These three teams, along with BU, must win in order to have a chance.

We saw how all four of these teams jumped back into the mix with wins in their last outings.

They have to keep winning to try and give themselves a chance.

Meanwhile, Rensselaer just keeps sitting by waiting and watching.  As a quick aside, before the Wisconsin-CC, St. Cloud-UMD and Minnesota State-Denver games went final, Rensselaer was sitting in 13th in the PairWise.

UNO is now also in that same position.  The Mavericks were not hurt that badly by Minnesota State falling out of TUC range.

Speaking of which, Minnesota State falling out of TUC range really hurts Denver, who was 5-0-1 against Minnesota State this year.

After all is said and done, we can honestly say that the bubble will consist of:

Notre Dame, UNO, WMU, CC, Dartmouth, Rensselaer, BU and Wisconsin.

Don’t forget the Badgers, who were on the doorstep before losing to CC in OT on Saturday night.

A win by Wisconsin over CC keeps them alive and on the bubble and most likely finishes CC.

A loss of Sunday by WMU, Dartmouth or BU could be devastating to the chances of these teams making the NCAA Tournament.

So it’s safe to say that if you’re a fan of Notre Dame, UNO, WMU, CC, Dartmouth, Rensselaer, BU and Wisconsin, you’re rooting for everyone but your team to lose on Sunday night.

It is now also pretty safe to say that these teams must win their tournaments to get in:

Alaska-Anchorage, Ferris State, Bemidji State, Quinnipiac, Harvard, St. Lawrence, Cornell, Colgate, RIT, Air Force, Holy Cross, Canisius, Connecticut, Lake Superior, Northeastern.

Everyone else that is no longer playing is done for the season.

How I see it after Saturday’s games:

East Regional (Bridgeport)

16 RIT vs. 1 Yale

10 Notre Dame vs. 8 Union

West Regional (St. Louis)

14 Colorado College vs. 4 Michigan

12 Nebraska-Omaha vs. 5 Miami

Northeast Regional (Manchester)

15 Dartmouth vs. 3 Boston College

11 New Hampshire vs. 6 Denver

Midwest Regional (Green Bay)

13 Western Michigan vs. 2 North Dakota

9 Minnesota-Duluth vs. 7 Merrimack