Number one seeds

Three of four number one seeds have been claimed.

Yale, North Dakota and Boston College have all claimed number one seeds.

We can go a little further and say that Yale will be in Bridgeport and North Dakota will most likely be in Green Bay (there are strange situations which might not put North Dakota in Green Bay, see below).  Boston College, we’ll just have to wait and see about the Eagles and where they will be.

The other number one seed will go to either Michigan, Miami, Denver of Merrimack.

Here’s an interesting situation that may come up.

New Hampshire can fall to a number four seed.  If that’s the case and Merrimack gets the last number one seed, then you have two Hockey East schools that will get a number one seed.  But neither of them will be playing in the East.

Yale has to go to Bridgeport.  UNH has to go to Manchester, and as a number four seed, the Wildcats won’t be facing a Hockey East school.  Thus, BC and Merrimack have to wind up in the West and Midwest Regionals.  And North Dakota will come to Manchester to play New Hampshire.

This can also move Boston College out of Manchester as well to either Green Bay or St. Louis.  If UNH is a number four seed, then this will be the case.