Murray leaning towards leaving Wisconsin for Swiss contract

It’s not finalized yet, but a report in the Wisconsin State Journal has Badgers forward Jordy Murray giving up his senior year to sign a pro contract in Switzerland.

“I told the (Wisconsin) coaching staff and my teammates that unless something changes in the next couple of days, I’m leaving,” Murray told the paper. “It’s hard to do this, but I think everyone understands.”

Murray may or may not be eligible to play in Switzerland next season, however, if eligibility rules are rewritten. Murray’s older brother, Brady, who left North Dakota after his sophomore season in 2005, has played in Switzerland ever since.

Both Brady and Jordy are classified as non-import players due to them each being registered in Switzerland when their father, Andy Murray, was coaching there in the early 1990s.

To take Murray’s roster spot, the Journal reports that Waupaca forward Brad Navin is expected to join the Badgers this fall. Navin was initially slated to play juniors and come to Wisconsin in either 2012 or 2013.


  1. I really don’t understand the rush to leave college for so many of these players. Every college player I’ve ever known is enthisastic about the experience. Why not stay, enjoy the perks of being a college hockey player, get your degree, and then go play pro hockey? If you graduate when your 21, 22, 23, that still leaves you a lot fo time to play hockey.


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